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Dessert innovations 2019 – luxurious sweet and savoury éclairs.

Tuesday July 2, 2019

In their latest report, market research site Technavio revealed that the global bakery market size is expected to grow $97.85 billion by 2022. They say that the growth could be supported by various factors such as, variety of product innovations, availability of food items at reasonable prices, rapid urbanization, busy lifestyles, and convenience of baked products.

Considered to be the most popular baked products are doughnuts, pies, pastries, breads and cakes, however patisserie products such as canelés (a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla with a soft and tender custard centre and a dark, thick caramelized crust) and choux pastries are starting to become more and more popular. One particular patisserie product that is expected to be extremely popular this summer is the éclair, however not the traditional éclair that we know and love.

An éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough that is traditionally filled with cream and topped with chocolate icing, however recently with the opening of stylish dedicated boutiques popping up all over London, the once standard chocolate éclair is getting reinvented.

Think raspberry cream, lemon curd, salted caramel, chilli chocolate or Green Tea matcha. Or if you don’t fancy a sweet eclair, there are now also savoury options available, such as herbed cream cheese, tuna mousse or smoked salmon with horseradish cream.

The reinvention of the éclair started at Parisian choux pastry specialist patisserie Maitre Choux, who produce 14  different éclair and choux flavours a day. Their flavours include Tahitian vanilla with pecans, multi-origin dark chocolate, pistachio pastry, Spanish raspberry, and tiramisu and lemon cream. They have also recently launched four new savoury flavours, which include, chicken mayo and avocado, smoked salmon, yuzu cream cheese and avocado, crunchy spring vegetables, and double tomato and feta.

If you are interested in making your own éclair, food magazine ‘Delicious’ recommends the following recipe:

  • Gently heat 100g of unsalted butter and 250ml of cold water until the butter has melted, then bring to the boil.
  • Once boiling, turn off the heat and quickly mix in 150g of flour (and 1 teaspoon of salt and sugar, if using).
  • Beat vigorously with a wooden spoon until the mixture is well combined and comes away from the sides.
  • Cool to room temperature and beat in 4 eggs gradually to a smooth dough – the texture should be a reluctant dropping consistency.
  • Pipe or spoon the mixture onto a greased baking tray and bake at 200°C/fan180°C/gas 6 until golden brown. Remove from the oven and make a small hole in the underside of each bun to release any steam. Set aside to cool on a wire rack.
  • Once cooled, pipe your desired filling into the choux pastry and decorate with your toppings of choice.

If you are considering serving delicious éclairs in a street food environment, or for your customer to enjoy on-the-go or at the comfort of their own home then it is important to make sure that you have the right food packaging for the job. At Bunzl Catering Supplies we have a wide range of food packaging options to suit your needs.

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