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The meaning of closed loop

Sunday July 12, 2015

Ask the Expert: Jo Gilroy (Head of Sustainability).

We asked our Sustainability expert ‘What does the term ‘closed loop’ mean’?

And here’s what she told us…

Sustainability Expert - Jo Gilroy Twitter - @JoannaGilroy

Sustainability Expert – Jo Gilroy Twitter – @JoannaGilroy

A closed loop is a new way of producing and using products so that there is no waste. A closed loop product is never fully exhausted upon its first use. Rather than throwing it away in a ‘take-make-waste’ fashion, the product is designed to be recaptured and recycled into either the same product, or for another purpose in a continuous loop. Examples include newspapers being recycled back into newspapers, steel remanufactured back into various car parts, or bagasse packaging turned into compost. Remember, the loop is continuous, so if you recycle a product only once before throwing it away, it is not a closed loop.

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