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Squash Stix make a splash!

Monday July 13, 2015

Innovative drinks brand Squash Stix has seen sales reach a record high this Spring. 

Launched in 2013 and awarded the Lloyds Best Business SW award, the brand has grown significantly this year, with customers choosing Squash Stix to add value to their cold drinks offer and increase their revenue.

Squash Stix are individual portions of squash in a stick. To make a refreshing drink users simply tear and pour into water. Squash Stix have no artificial colours or flavourings, no added sugar or aspartame and two great flavours, orange or apple & blackcurrant.

With two great products, Squash Stix for cups and Squash Stix for bottles (500ml), the brand has been able to grow the product into a wide range of customers including:

  • Healthcare: Hospitals such as The London Clinic are placing the product on meal trays to encourage increased hydration whilst saving nurses time making drinks.
  • Meeting and Conferencing: As an alternative to tea and coffee, major conferencing venues including Marriott and Hilton hotels are offering Squash Stix.
  • Hotel Bedrooms: Adding value and offering something different within hotel bedrooms always pleases customers. That’s why many independents and large firms such as Holiday Inn have chosen to include Squash Stix in their bedroom offering.
  • Bottled water: Virgin Trains placed Squash Stix within First Class snack boxes to offer customers the choice of water or squash at a low cost.
  • Water Coolers: As the perfect way to encourage staff hydration many firms such as The White Company are choosing Squash Stix.

With bottled water predicted to outsell fizzy drinks in 2015, firms need to find ways to encourage increased spend, and Squash Stix for bottles does just that. With the addition of 15% RDA Vitamin C, this single portion pours into 500ml of water to make a refreshing drink.

Selling alongside bottled water allows firms to increase revenue from water sales whilst also adding value. For those firms that sell bottled water at a handsome profit, the addition of a free Squash Stix both adds value to the purchase and encourages the customer to choose water ahead of other drinks, allowing for increased revenue.

Many firms, including Flybe (for crew), use Squash Stix for bottles within lunch packs as a low cost way to offer flavour. Other markets include Coffee Shops, Convenience, B&I, Festivals and anywhere selling 500ml water.

The brand offers a variety of point of sale display units and marketing, alongside hydration posters for placement within offices.