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Tuesday February 7, 2017

On Thursday 2 March, our Head of Sustainability, Jo Gilroy will be speaking at Packaging Innovations exhibition in Birmingham. Presenting in the Ecopack Theatre at 2.50pm, Jo will be talking around the topic of ‘making the consumer integral in the recycling process’.

Ecopack, along with Contact Pack, is part of the Packaging Innovations exhibition and co-located with Empack and Label&Print. As a group, these exhibitions form the only UK event to cover the whole packaging supply chain.

Ecopack is the UK’s only dedicated sustainable packaging event and features a full programme of seminars and interactive sessions to discuss how packaging can be more environmentally friendly and waste can be minimised.

As the author of our ‘Ask the Expert’ blog series, Jo Gilroy regularly gets involved with solutions to topical sustainability issues within the catering and hospitality industry, and provides valuable insight to our customers.


Making the consumer integral in the recycling process

An introduction to Joanna Gilroy’s presentation at Ecopack, part of Packaging Innovations, on 2 March 2017, NEC Birmingham.

“In the majority of businesses irrespective of size, location or industry sector, you will often find dedicated staff working hard to serve the consumer, providing an array of products and services which fulfil a need, make life a little easier or simply bring a bit of happiness.  Such is the function of business.  But what happens when businesses require a similar level of care from the consumer?  One fundamental challenge of recycling is that a business will only ever be as good as their worst recycler, and often they are reliant on the consumer to undertake this activity.  Good recycling practices offer opportunities for business from financial savings to reputational value, but when such achievement rests in the hands of the customer, how do you engage them?  How do you get them to consistently do the right thing, read the signage and use the correct bin?  How, dare I say, do you stop recycling from being a chore to be ignored and make it something fun and exciting to engage with?  Over the last few years I have been exploring ways to achieve just that, ways of making the consumer integral to the recycling process to achieve positive results.  During this session I’ll share knowledge I have gained from both the successful and the not so successful works I have undertaken with Bunzl’s customers.  My goal is to provide you with a handful of ideas and strategies which you can implement in your own organisations come Monday morning.”


For a VIP ticket to attend the exhibition and see Jo Gilroy speak, contact Bunzl Catering Supplies today.

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