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PET Cup Inserts: Making Grab n’ Go easier

Monday February 6, 2017

Take a look on the grab n’ go shelves of coffee shops and supermarkets and what were once unimaginative combinations of sandwiches, bags of high saturated crisps and pots of pre-chopped fruit are now an ever-evolving selection of seasonal recipes, Asian-influenced dishes and mix and match snacks and nibbles.

Despite our search to make our lunchtime a bit more exciting, convenience and efficiency is still a priority, and is an ethos shared by Dart Products Europe. Wanting operators to take their menu from simple to creative, they have introduced their new range of PET Cup Inserts.

In order to keep SKUs to a minimum and operation times down, the PET Cup Inserts are specifically designed to fit inside a selection of both Ultra Clear Tumblers and Conex ClearPro Tumblers. Simply select from either the one or two compartment inserts, pick a tumbler and choose from a selection of lid designs from domed to flat with the One Lid Solution programmes.

Both the one and two compartment PET Cup Inserts have a 1.5oz capacity, a clean lift post to prevent sticky fingers and rounded corners that perfectly accommodate the shape of spoons (or tongues) so nothing is left behind. Upgrade your menu with effortless food and beverage offerings; edamame beans with an optional sprinkling of chilli or salt, coconut water and a choice of fruit flavoured syrups or salted pretzels with an indulgent chocolate dipping sauce.

PET Cup Inserts from Dart Products Europe are available to fit tumblers ranging from 9 ounces to 20 ounces in either fully recyclable PET or polypropylene, and all feature a fill line to keep portions consistent and cost efficient.