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How to implement good hygiene practice in the workplace

Friday January 8, 2016

Implementing good hygiene practice in the workplace is essential for preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and limiting the chance of food poisoning.

There are two main types of bacteria that can be recovered from hands, these are Resident and Transient.

Resident bacteria Transient bacteria

To prevent these bacteria types from being passed between people and on surfaces in your workplace it is advised to follow the hand hygiene best practice tips listed below.

Tips for hand hygiene

  • All foodservice operators should always implement a strict hand care policy
  • Hand hygiene training must be considered a prerequisite of staff induction for any hygiene-critical environment
  • Planning and attention to locations of hand care facilities must be given careful consideration so employees have easy access when needed
  • Hand washing alone does not equal bacteria free but does provide a vital part role in limiting the spread of harmful bacteria – food handling wear, the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and using sanitised equipment are all key steps to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria
  • A proper hand washing technique is key – see the NHS Hand Washing Technique

Our exclusive brand of paper hygiene and hand care systems, PRISTINE, is designed to meet the requirements of professional kitchens and washrooms, providing a solution for hand hygiene in the workplace.

How can PRISTINE help?

By using PRISTINE customers can install touch free or manual soap dispensing systems for PRISTINE hand care soap, which has SANITARY SEALED™ technology to protect users from contamination.

Small footprint dispensers can be used in foodservice areas where space is limited, ensuring your staff are always able to access suitable hand care equipment when required.

Drying methods

Hot air dryers are not recommended in food preparation areas as the user is unlikely to be able to completely dry hands, leaving them damp which promotes bacterial growth. Whilst using hot air dryers people may also become impatient and use their work garments to finish drying their hands.

Disposable paper towels are an ideal hand drying method because they can absorb water quickly and are not touched by multiple users. Paper towels should ideally be kept in a dry area where they are not at risk of becoming damp, which could increase bacteria growth.

Offering the perfect combination of softness and strength, PRISTINE paper towels are carefully interlinked so it is easy to pull a single towel from the dispenser, preventing germs from being transmitted to the next user.

Limiting food poisoning

Most food poisoning outbreaks are caused when good hygiene practice has not been properly implemented. Foodservice operators should ensure they have a variety of management systems in place to guarantee standards are met at all times, for the safety of both their employees and their customers.