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Dessert innovations 2019 – the delectable combination of the macaron ice cream sandwich

Wednesday February 27, 2019

According to research from Mintel, ice cream sandwiches are one of the most popular ways to eat ice cream, excluding the wafer cone or paper cup. Mintel say that ice cream sandwiches are so popular because they combine two favourite sweet treats – cake or biscuits with ice cream. One particular ice cream sandwich that has become extremely popular is the macaron ice cream sandwich.

Social Media website Instagram revealed that they have had more than 60,000 people post pictures of macaron ice cream sandwiches. They say that macaron ice cream sandwiches are growing in popularity because their myriad of colours make them extremely photogenic.

They are also popular because they are extremely versatile in terms of flavour, with shells of multiple hues and flavours blended with hundreds of different ice cream varieties.

Both macarons and ice cream are extremely popular on their own, but when combined together the chewy texture of the macaron and the soft ice cream create a mouth-watering treat. They are also very simple to make, essentially all you have to do is place a scoop of ice cream between two macaron shells.

The inspiration behind macaron ice cream sandwiches came about after chef Sammie Le was looking for a use for egg yolks which were left over from making macarons. After many experiments, Sammie discovered that the best use for the yolks was to create a custard base for ice cream, which would then become the filling for the macarons.

As macaron shells are made with egg whites, they are not suitable for vegans, however there is now also a way to make vegan macaron shells using aquafaba (chickpea water). Aquafaba is used as a replacement for egg whites because when whisked it becomes frothy and is extremely similar to meringue. For the filling, there are now many different varieties of vegan ice cream available, for example, almond milk ice cream or sorbet.

At ice cream parlour Yolkin (London), you can try a selection of macaron ice cream sandwiches, including, peanut butter, chocolate, black sesame, red velvet, rose, cornflake, green tea, speculoos, peaches and cream, summer berries, and chai tea. Yolkin say that macaron ice cream sandwiches are particularly popular during the summer period as customers like to enjoy them on the go during a hot day.

If you are interested in serving macaron ice cream sandwiches for your customers to enjoy on the go, then it’s extremely important that you have the right food packaging for the job. Ice cream of any kind requires sturdy packaging that can hold liquid. At Bunzl Catering Supplies, we deliver many disposable rPET (clear plastic with some recycled content) and paperboard containers suitable for serving macaron ice cream sandwiches, along with disposable ice cream spoons and napkins that are a must for customer wanting to eat theirs on the go.

UltraClear containers from our supplier DART Products Europe are made from PET materials, they allow the customer a 360-degree view of their ice cream treat – and they’re strong and durable too.  The UltraClear containers are available in sizes 8oz to 16oz, which makes them perfect for serving macaron ice cream sandwiches of any size.

For a paperboard option, the Eatwell paper food containers, from our supplier Huhtamaki, is a great choice. The Eatwell range is available in plain white, the popular and colourful ‘Enjoy’ range or bespoke printed with your own branding.  Eatwell containers come as combi-packs (containers and lids in one case) in 7 sizes – from 7oz to 24oz.

For more information on our range of disposables and food packaging that are suitable for serving macaron ice cream sandwiches, contact Bunzl Catering Supplies today.

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