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Comply with new labelling legislation with Gen-Label

Monday May 17, 2021

Gen-Label is a complete one-stop-solution for food packaging labelling requirements from Bunzl Catering Supplies, providing eye-catching food packaging labels designed to comply with all the latest allergen legislation through to food safety compliant labels for use in kitchens.

As of October 2021, new legislation, which applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland will mandate full ingredient and allergen labelling on foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. This legislation will be legally enforced under Natasha’s Law.

Natasha’s Law was created after 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, suffered a fatal allergic reaction when eating an olive, artichoke and tapenade baguette purchased in Heathrow Airport.  Natasha’s family led a passionate campaign for increased transparency around UK food labelling requirements and set up the Natasha Allergy Research Federation – NARF. The federation’s aim is to prevent and end allergic disease and also to bring about positive change by focusing on law and policies, medical research and educating and raising allergy awareness. Gen-Label, through its parent company Bunzl UK Ltd are proud to be an official sponsor of NARF and are donating a percentage of all sales of allergen labels to the Federation.

Gen-Label helps businesses to fully comply with this new labelling requirement through its Gen-Label Online software solution. The specialist software allows operators to build and maintain lists of ingredients including specific allergens and then simply print them off onto pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer.

Accessed via a secure web portal, Gen-Label Online is quick and simple to use. It manages all of your labelling requirements from product descriptions, ingredients and bar codes to allergen and nutritional information, including the government’s front of pack traffic light system. Instantly updateable, Gen-Label Online enables you to amend labels and comply with changes in food labelling legislation with ease.

Also available as part of the Gen-Label service, Gen-Label Design is available to all label customers. A dedicated design team helps create and design labels that deliver customer brand and product information in the most efficient and stylish way. With over 15 years’ experience in label design, Gen-Label boasts the skills and innovative knowledge to design and print labels for food producers, bakeries, contract caterers, grab and go shops, food wholesale and more.

For more information about Gen-Label or Natasha’s Law – please contact us today or click here.