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Cleanline Eco professional cleaning products

Friday April 23, 2021

Cleanline Eco professional cleaning products provide hospitality operators protection with a reduced impact on the environment.

As part of its Sustainable Future programme, Bunzl Catering Supplies has launched Cleanline Eco, an exclusive brand range of professional cleaning products that promote responsible consumption and production, aim to protect life on land and water and are safe and effective for professional use in the wake of Covid-19.

Designed to effectively tackle routine and periodic cleaning tasks in a catering and hospitality operation with a reduced impact on the environment, all products in the Cleanline Eco range have been developed to the Eco Star standard for sustainability. This means that each product in the range meets the relevant sustainability criteria set out in the Eco Star standard’s five sustainability pillars: production, formulation, transportation, in-use and end of life.

An 18-page digital brochure showcases the Cleanline Eco product range along with a full breakdown of the Eco Star standard, giving customers a comprehensive guide to the new range and its sustainability credentials. Sustainability attributes in the production pillar include ‘manufacturing process accredited with ISO 14001’ and ‘not tested on animals’.  The formulation pillar states, ‘low environmental impact’ and ‘no phosphate content’, whilst the transportation and in-use criteria note that Cleanline Eco products are ‘not classified as hazardous’ both in transport and whilst the product is being used. In relation to its end-of-life, product attributes include ‘labelled with end-of-life instructions for recycling’ and ‘fully recyclable bottles’.

Justin Turquet, Head of Sustainability for Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division comments “In the wake of Covid-19, the new Cleanline Eco range combines efficacy with a reduced impact on the environment, helping operators protect employees and customers and providing reassurance that they are returning to a safe and sustainable hospitality industry. The Eco Star standard is unique because it sets out clear and measurable sustainability attributes for cleaning products from point of production to their end of life, which gives customers a very clear picture of how and why Cleanline Eco helps us build a sustainable future.”

Cleanline Eco is made up of three product formats: concentrated products that are diluted by the customer at point of use, ready-to-use products that can be applied directly from the bottle and biological-based products that break soiling down in a biological process. Each product format has specific sustainability attributes, and customers may choose to use one format or a mixture of all three, depending on their specific cleaning requirements.

Concentrated cleaning products in the Cleanline Eco range can be diluted through wall-mounted dosing dispensers or simple pelican pumps to help eliminate the risk of incorrect dosing and spillages. Containing more chemical and less water, concentrated products are less heavy and take up less space when in transit when compared to ready-to-use cleaning products – potentially reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality.

Cleanline Eco ready-to-use cleaning products are delivered in a diluted, ready to apply format, particularly suitable in smaller operations where space is limited or there is no access to a water supply. When rinsed and placed in mixed recycling to be identified and segregated at a MRF (Material Recovery Facility), the trigger heads and bottles are fully recyclable.

Biological-based cleaning and maintenance products in the Cleanline Eco range are designed to solve specific problems, many of which cannot be addressed by conventional chemicals and are available in both concentrate and convenient ready-to-use formats. Unlike traditional cleaning products, biological-based cleaning products contain unique application-specific beneficial bacteria to colonise surfaces. Enzymes are then produced that break down organic matters such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Biological-based cleaning products are efficient, effective and safe to use.

In each format, Cleanline Eco facilitates a clean and hygienic environment in professional kitchens, washrooms, housekeeping and janitorial areas, with products specially formulated to deal with specific tasks in each area. For kitchens and food preparation areas, the Cleanline Eco range includes a food safe cleaner and sanitiser containing no phosphates or dyes, a dual action cleaner with outstanding biocidal properties, it is effective against most common forms of bacteria (99.999%) including MRSA.

Specially formulated for use in housekeeping areas, the Cleanline Eco glass and interior cleaner concentrate, contained in a 40% recycled polymer bottle, cuts through grease, removes finger marks and leaves glass, mirrors and other hard surfaces clean and streak-free. Made in the UK, the product is not classified as hazardous, is ammonia free and contains no added perfumes.

As the cleanliness of a washroom reflects the overall hygiene standards of a whole operation, the Cleanline Eco range also includes a number of problem-solvers specifically for this area. The ready-to-use Cleanline Eco Biological Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator, contained in a 30% recycled polymer bottle, is an innovative biological-based washroom cleaner that contains micro-organisms to rapidly clean and deodorise washrooms, bathroom fixtures and floors. Not classified as hazardous, it is safe to use with waterless urinals and compatible with enzyme urinal blocks and screens.

5 litre containers and 1 litre angle-neck bottles in the Cleanline Eco range are manufactured with a minimum of 40% recycled HDPE plastic, 750ml ready-to-use trigger bottles are manufactured with a minimum of 30% recycled PET.  When finished, rinsed and with labels removed, empty containers and bottles can be placed in mixed recycling to be identified and segregated at a MRF (Material Recovery Facility).

For more information about exclusive brand Cleanline Eco and the Eco Star standard – please contact Bunzl Catering Supplies.

Cleanline Eco brochure – click here.