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Clean and Simple: reducing costs and adding value

Wednesday December 19, 2018

Cleaning in the catering and hospitality environment has undergone significant change in recent years. This change has evolved from a range of factors, including: the socio-economic climate, technological advancements in mainstream culture, and the desire to operate more sustainably. In our series of five ‘Clean and Simple’ short blogs we investigate these changes and discuss how foodservice operators might adapt to emerging challenges to ensure that their essential cleaning and hygiene systems remain uncompromised.

This month the clean and simple blog is all about reducing costs and adding value.

In the kitchen, the most expensive item to run is your dishwasher, looking after your dishwasher and using it correctly can help to reduce costs and add value to your business.  Even though some models of dishwashers can cost as much as a small car, the purchase price is just the beginning.  There are a lot of hidden costs that can come with running a dishwasher too.

Most obviously, there’s the cost of the cleaning products.  With most modern dishwashers the consumption of the cleaning product is controlled by two small pumps within the dishwasher itself.  These are known as integral pumps and they’re factory set to deliver standard measures of detergent and rinse aid liquids.

With these integrally fed dishwashers, regardless of the strength of the detergent and rinse aid, the liquids are always pumped in at the same unalterable rate; unless you’re a qualified dishwasher engineer, you cannot increase or decrease their consumption.  This means that you can always compare the prices of rival detergents and rinse aids on a like-for-like basis.  So, make sure that a) the products are good enough to do the job, and b) you’re buying them at the most competitive prices you can.

Then you have to consider the cost of the labour to load, unload, operate, strip down and clean the dishwasher.  If the detergent and rinse aid are of a good quality and are being dosed at the right levels, then your dishwasher will give you great results first time.  If the detergents are not up to scratch or the machine has a defect, then you’re going to have to wash everything twice.  This immediately doubles the amount time it takes someone to process the dishes, time that you’re paying for and time that could be used for something with more profitability.

Another knock-on effect of washing items more than once is the escalation of the risks of dropping and breaking something.  Replacement tableware is a significant capital outlay so the more times it is handled, the more likely it is to be dropped.

Poor dishwasher maintenance also has a dramatic effect on the utility bills.  Leaking drain valves and jets pour away the water that you’ve paid to bring into the building and heat, whilst failure to drain and refresh the wash tank water regularly means that plates get washed in dirty water and have to get washed again…and again.

So, before your dishwasher starts to add costs and reduce the value of your business it is important to first and foremost make sure that you have the correct cleaning products for the job. If you choose our exclusive brand of professional cleaning products called Cleanline we will help you to select the right cleaning products for your establishment. Further to that, if your dishwasher has integral pumps and you experience any problems, we will send out one of our engineers to help fix the issue at no extra cost. The Cleanline range of cleaning products can help your business to look after your capital equipment and train your people to maintain it properly.

As leading suppliers of catering disposables and cleaning and hygiene products in the catering and hospitality sector, Bunzl Catering Supplies delivers and supports a well-respected range of cleaning products to foodservice operators called Cleanline. A simple, cost-effective solution of professional formulation products in a three-tier range, Cleanline meets the needs of different sized operations, for all cleaning tasks in the kitchen, washroom and front of house. Cleanline is supported by a 24-hour emergency response service, and also provides COSHH awareness training via a unique online e-learning website.

For more information about Cleanline – please contact us today.

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