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Cuisines from around the world – Say ‘namaste’ to Indian street food

Tuesday December 18, 2018

Indian street food is expected to be one of the most popular food trends in the UK in 2019 according to major retailers Asda and Waitrose and market research firm Mintel. Through a combination of increasing numbers of overseas visitors to India, the number of travel and cookery programmes highlighting India’s diverse street-food scene, and a growing willingness to try something new when it comes to food, Indian street food has been making its way across other continents.

Waitrose, Asda and Mintel all say that the reason why Indian street food is becoming increasingly popular is because the dishes are lighter and fresher compared to traditional British curry, and feature punchy, zingy flavours. Whilst traditional British curry dishes are still considered to be extremely popular (2nd most popular takeaway choice in the UK after Chinese), consumers are more interested in trying other authentic Indian dishes.

Instead of dishes like chicken tikka masala consumers are more likely to find Indian street food inspired dishes like scallops in pickled ginger or lamb keema tacos on restaurant menus in 2019. We are also seeing street food stands selling a wide range of Indian dishes becoming a staple to some of London’s most popular street food markets.

According to Waitrose, the most popular Indian street food dishes include:

  • Samosa – fried pastry wrapped around spiced potato and onion
  • Pav bahji – curried vegetables served with a pan fried bun
  • Chikki – a sweet made from peanuts and sugar cane
  • Panipuri – a hollow fried crisp filled with a mixture of flavoured water, tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas
  • Momos – steamed dumplings

Another reason why Indian street food has gained popularity is because even though it is not necessarily low in calories or fat, the use of vegetables, pulses, yogurt and ayurvedic spices such as turmeric and ginger mean that holistically, these products can be seen to be healthier overall. The use of healthy ingredients and superfoods, incorporated into products would further enhance the holistic health appeal of Indian street food to consumers.

In the UK, Indian street food was helped made popular by casual dining restaurant Dishoom. The restaurant, which first opened in 2010, specialises in authentic Indian street food that is cooked fresh daily. Currently Dishoom have 6 restaurants operating in major cities around the UK and they are set to open a further 2 in 2019.

For customers looking to try Indian street food, these restaurants are also worth a visit: Dastaan (Epsom, UK), Indi-Go (Spitalfields Market, London), TIFINBOX (Harrow Place, London) and Roti Chai (Marylebone, London).

If you are thinking of serving Indian street food for consumers to enjoy on-the-go or in an outdoor environment, then you need the correct food packaging options that can hold hot food with or without liquid. At Bunzl Catering Supplies we have a wide variety of food packaging options to suit your needs; from plastic plates and bowls to foil containers and paperboard boxes, with and without lids.

Two packaging options that are ideal for serving Indian street food for consumers to enjoy on-the-go  are the TASTE food to go boxes from our partner supplier Huhtamaki and foil containers from our exclusive brand of food packaging Good 2 Go.  The TASTE food to go boxes are a leak-proof packaging solution that is both ovenable and microwavable. The boxes also have a rigid shape that is ideal for eating straight from the pack and are available in three sizes (80mm, 125mm and 185mm). The foil containers are made of high quality aluminium and are freezable, ovenable and compliant with food safety standards. The containers come in a range of different shapes and sizes including: 121x96x41mm, 141x116x41mm, 197×105 x49mm and 218x113x52mm.

For outdoor events like street food markets or festivals then we recommend open containers (without a lid) as they are ideal for a wide variety of Indian street food dishes. Try our exclusive brand Sustain bagasse trays, made from sugar cane and fully compostable – for your environmentally conscious customers.

To find out more about our Indian street food packaging options, please contact your local Bunzl Catering Supplies branch today.

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