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A major innovation in sustainable packaging as Single Source announces exclusive agreement with Earthinks as part of on-going sustainability drive

Friday January 15, 2016

Single Source Limited, the leading supplier of single portion products to the foodservice sector, has entered into an exclusive deal to use Earthinks, highly innovative and ground-breaking sustainable printing inks, which are widely being hailed as THE most sustainable inks in the world.

All our Single Source branded packaging will use the natural inks and coatings that can represent up to 100% natural materials, are free from glycol and silicones, contain no heavy metals and are near zero volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.

Earthinks are made using a range of natural products, such as soy, sugars, starches and tree resins.  Natural waxes are used to replace standard synthetic grades, and natural oils are used to de-foam in place of mineral oils and silicones, ensuring Earthinks are completely in line with food packaging regulations. The most sustainable commercial inks on the market to date, Earthinks offer a truly high quality alternative to chemical inks and can be incorporated into a genuine eco-friendly packaging solution.

Importantly, Earthinks is suitable for all substrates-packaging printing ensuring brands can use this sustainable ink option without fear that quality will be compromised.

Paul Mainwaring, Managing Director of Single Source Limited, commented: “As a company we are committed to providing the very highest quality products possible and this extends across all elements of our offering.  This most certainly includes packaging – an often overlooked part of the foodservice business”. It is also a first for the catering industry.

“We have committed to using Earthinks across our range as part of a wider holistic approach to our business.  There will be no cost implication to our customers as we will be absorbing any financial implication in our own business.  We believe passionately that sustainability is the right way of doing business and we should all do our bit for the environment.

“Not least, we are delighted to be working with such an innovative company that is truly pushing the boundaries of product development and hope that our customers will see the benefit of embracing a simple advancement that offers them packaging sustainability credentials in line with consumer demand.”

Single Source is committed to our Corporate Sustainability Responsibility drive. Which has also seen us develop since 2014:

  • Packaging reduction initiatives.
  • Increased Environmental Friendliness – Taking Polyethylene out of our sachets.
  • Increased use of recycled materials: Depending on product range, our cardboard boxes contain between 80-95% recycled materials. (Source: DS Smith Packaging).
  • Responsible sourcing of materials throughout our supply chain.
  • In our in-house printing facility – our laminates are all “virgin pulp”.
  • We are a “zero to landfill” operator since August 2014.
  • Minimal chemical and water usage on-site.
  • No use of solvents at any stage of manufacturing.
  • Energy Efficiency: We utilise half hour metering to check our usage.

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