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Peel and Reveal Labelnet
Labelnet multi-layer labels: Peel to reveal more

Thursday January 21, 2016

Are you having problems fitting all your food information onto a small food packaging label? Do you need more space for duplicating your food information in a second language? Or are you looking for an innovative way to market your product or showcase a promotion? Look no further than the printing solution that can double or treble the amount of space available for food information whilst staying the same size.

Peel and Reveal multi-layer labels have a top layer that can be peeled away to reveal further labels underneath. This allows for multiple sets of food information to be included on the label and is a great way to minimise the cost of producing numerous different labels, whilst bringing versatility to your design and catching the consumer’s eye.

This label solution can be used in the catering and hospitality sector; to reveal product ingredients, guidelines, nutritional information, feature a range of languages or even to reveal the winners of a competition. 

The Food Information Regulations (FIR) are being updated in December 2016 and will require all foodservice operators with pre-packed food to include nutritional information on their products. Using Peel and Reveal labels will provide additional space to comply with new FIR requirements, without having to change the size of your packaging.

Peel and Reveal labels can be printed in up to 8 colours and on a variety of materials using Labelnet’s high quality printing equipment, so as well as being multi-functional they can also be customised to fit your branding.