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Verive reusable food service packaging

Tuesday March 26, 2024

Bunzl Catering Supplies launch Verive reusable food service packaging

Verive is a new, exclusive brand range of reusable food service packaging from Bunzl Catering Supplies. Specifically designed for a circular take-use-return programme, Verive products are suitable for repeat cleaning in a dishwasher. After multiple reuse and at the end of its full lifespan, Verive products identified as recyclable can be placed in a dedicated recyclables bin to be sent to a material recovery facility for recycling.

The latest in reusables technology and exclusive brand product innovation, Verive is fit for multiple re-use in a catering and hospitality environment without loss of function or hygiene. It is designed for durability, long-term value and customer convenience and it is produced with the whole life-cycle properly considered, from point of manufacture to end of life.

Justin Turquet, Director of Sustainability, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division, comments: “As part of our Sustainable Future programme we have built an exciting, exclusive brand range of reusable packaging that has the potential to play an important role in preventing waste and reducing carbon footprint. Adhering to existing and incoming legislation, products in the Verive range deliver a hygienic and convenient solution that is designed for durability, long-term value, and sustainability. ”

When Verive reusable food packaging is used and reused appropriately for its full lifespan, it delivers significant sustainability benefits. This is because fewer virgin resources are needed to manufacture Verive reusables per application, cutting down end-of-life waste and the use of raw materials, and potentially reducing carbon footprint.

Additionally, Verive reusable food packaging is sourced and manufactured in an ethical and responsible way. Supplier performance is audited and managed against commercial and social measures to ensure the products sourced are fit for purpose with the relevant ethical and legal compliance. Taking this responsible approach to sourcing ensures customer peace of mind.

Simon Armer, Marketing Director, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division, comments: “We are delighted to launch the 36-page Verive brochure to our catering and hospitality customers, featuring 67 new reusable and recyclable food packaging products, including cups, tumblers, cutlery, containers and food boxes. Verive appeals to consumers because it lets them know that hospitality operators are buying responsibly and ethically, employing innovation to implement sustainable food service solutions.”

In tandem to the Verive product range, Bunzl Catering Supplies has launched its Verive 360° service solution,  a market-leading service offer that helps catering operators implement and utilise reusables in a circular system, at events, in-house or on-the-go. By providing innovative product tracking and a full wash and return facility, Verive 360° ensures reusables retain a full lifespan to deliver long-term value and optimum sustainability benefits.

Most reusables in the Verive range can be QR code and/or RFID (chip or sticker) technology enabled to enhance consumer engagement and facilitate automated product tracking in multiple reuse cycles. All reusables in the Verive range can be collected, washed, and returned in a fully supported return system, ensuring longevity, and a practical and positive customer experience every time.

Robin Maxwell, Sales Director, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division, comments: “Our Verive 360° service solution will play a significant role in helping catering operators cut down landfill and incineration waste, contributing to improved waste management, by utilising automated product tracking, and wash and return systems.  We are currently trialling Verive 360° with our customers, and we encourage any business looking to implement reusables into their food service operation to contact us now to discuss our unique, market-leading Verive 360° solution.”

For more information about Verive reusable and recyclable food service packaging and Verive 360° service solutions, please contact Bunzl Catering Supplies today – or click here.