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New exclusive brand Metro Cup PE coated paper sip lids

Friday March 8, 2024

Help keep your hot drinks offer fresh and appealing with exclusive brand cups and new paper lids from Metro Cup.

The Metro Cup exclusive brand range of single and double wall cups now offers an innovative PE coated paper lid, made from FSC® certified paper. The lid is available in two sizes: an 8oz sip lid that fits an 80mm rim and a 10-12oz sip lid that fits a 90mm rim.

The lid has been tested as suitable for use at circa. 70°C for up to 2 hours including 15 minutes at 100°C, and is clear clearly marked ‘hot contents’ to warn customers that the cup may contain very hot liquid.

The new paper lid, made from PE coated board like standard paper cups, is fully recyclable where facilities exist and is FSC® certified. The lid is marked with a ‘mobius loop’ that signals to customers that the lid is capable of being recycled, alongside a food safe icon which indicates that the lid is suitable for safe contact with food and drink.

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