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TOTM 100% organic cotton tampons and pads

Wednesday April 24, 2024

Breathable comfort and protection whilst mindful of the environment.

Bunzl Catering Supplies is delighted to bring to market a new range of TOTM multi-award-winning period care products, including 100% organic cotton tampons and pads, designed to offer ultimate comfort and protection whilst caring for the planet. The certified organic cotton used in TOTM period care products uses 62% less primary energy in growing, show a 91% reduction in blue water use, and a 94% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, when compared to conventional cotton.

As a B Corp, our supplier TOTM is changing the period care industry – for good. Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. In line with this, TOTM are committed to inspiring better, sustainable ways to manage periods. As part of its period positive movement, they champion menstrual comfort, dignity, and wellbeing for all.

Free of fragrance, dyes, chlorine bleach, rayon, artificial absorbents (SAP) and bamboo viscose, TOTM tampons, pads and liners are naturally soft, absorbent and offer breathable comfort. The vagina is a sensitive part of the body with a delicate pH balance. Conventional period care can contain ingredients which may cause irritation. For example, plastic can trap heat and moisture which allows bacteria to thrive. To help prevent irritation, TOTM uses 100% organic cotton in its core range.

No plastic applicators or packaging are included in the TOTM range, and the wrappers are certified compostable. registered with The Vegan Society, the TOTM range is manufactured in Europe.

Additionally, TOTM runs a Period Positive Workplace Scheme in 7000+ UK and EU workplace sites. Since discovering that 70% of the community had been caught short by their periods at work, TOTM pioneered a Period Positive Workplace Scheme. Through this scheme, which launched in 2018, the business is working with employers to tackle period stigma and support employee menstrual wellbeing.

TOTM believe that period care products should be available in all workplaces, like toilet roll and coffee. The business has designed its period dignity solution to make it easy for employees to access free organic cotton period care whenever they need it. The scheme is in high demand, and TOTM is continually developing its offer to workplaces. The business has launched a taboo-breaking talks programme, free educational resources and TOTM training. Additionally, it has extended its giveback initiatives to the workplace scheme to increase charitable donations.

TOTM is prioritising period comfort. Periods can bring about uncomfortable symptoms that have a physical and mental impact, alongside offering useful content and tips around hormonal health and reproductive wellbeing, TOTM ensure that each of its products are kind to the body.

Cost-effective acrylic display units and vending machine options available for the TOTM range.

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