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A stupendous choice of hot and cold, paper and plastic cups help our customers serve the speciality beverages that are such an important part of their drinks offer. Many cups can be custom printed, and our non-compostable cups can be recycled with the help of the Simply Cups scheme.

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Key Information

Simply Cups scheme

We are founder members of the Simply Cups scheme – a nationwide collection and recycling scheme for non-compostable paper cups. The scheme transports used paper cups to specialised UK based recycling facilities, where they can be turned into second-life materials.


How the Simply Cups recycling scheme works

Square Mile Challenge

The UK’s highest-profile paper cup recycling initiative to date – we supported the initiative via a match funding partnership with our suppliers: Huhtamaki, Dart Products Europe, Seda UK and Benders Paper Cups. Over 3.6 million paper cups have been recycled to date (October 2017).


Square Mile Challenge Recycling Initiative

Promote your brand with custom printed disposables

Printed disposables are a cost-effective marketing tool used by food operators to promote their business brand and help them ‘standout from the crowd’ in a competitive high street environment.

Our dedicated print management team works closely with leading suppliers to design, create and manage bespoke printed tableware for customers, holding stock for up to 6-months to ensure continuity of supply.

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Exclusive Brand

Metro Cup

Keep your business looking fresh with exclusive UK cup designs





Metro Cup boasts exclusive single wall and double wall cup designs, popular rippled cups with great insulating properties and an innovative Sipsational lid with a patented curve that mimics the sensation of sipping from a china tea or coffee cup.

Metro Cup PDF


Good 2 Go

Practical, disposable solutions for food presentation on-the-go

Providing practical, disposable solutions for presenting food to be eaten on-the-go. The Good 2 Go range also includes bread and salad packaging, foil containers, cling film and aluminium foil.

Good 2 Go plates provide 3 sizes of paper plates from 6 inches to 9 inches, ideal for buffets, light snacks and sandwiches.


Good 2 Go cutlery is available as a standard, strong and premium range and includes a white knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon. The premium range is available in additional colours; clear, champagne and black.

Good 2 Go straws come in a variety of sizes and colours to complement any cold drinks menu, including an extra wide straw for smoothies, multiple colour options and convenient dispenser boxes.


We have a dedicated specialist distribution company for sustainable packaging products called London Bio Packaging. They carry two unique sustainable packaging brands called Sustain and Revive.

The Sustain brand is a compostable range, made from renewable resources, and with high volume product lines certified EN13432.

Sustain disposable products are made from renewable resources and are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities – breaking down into reusable compost within just 12-weeks.

Sustain hot cups are made from a sustainable paper source with a bio-plastic lining. They are available with the distinctive Sustain branding or in plain Kraft or plain white.

Sustain cutlery is made from a bio-plastic called CPLA, which is used in the production of food and drink packaging that comes into contact with heat. Sustain cutlery is now available in black!

Sustain plates and bowls are made from bagasse, a waste material from the production of sugar cane.

Leading Brand


At Huhtamaki we understand that disposables and packaging are about so much more than just what goes around a product. It’s about building brands, protecting reputations and opening up new opportunities in new markets.


Our purpose is to make great products reach more people, more easilyand we manufacture a full range of disposables and packaging for food and beverages here in the UK. Sustainability is an integrated part of our functions.

For us, sustainability means environmental protection, social equity, and economic efficiency. By combining the disposables and packaging knowledge with the renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material base that Huhtamaki has, we are able to meet customer demand for environmentally optimal packaging.

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