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Clean food preparation areas, fresh-smelling washrooms, and a spotless front of house environment, all create the right first impression for your customers. We supply a range of professional cleaning products to help you achieve tip-top levels of cleanliness and hygiene in your foodservice operation.

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What is a two-stage clean and why is it important?

In 2011, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) produced guidelines on the cleaning and sanitising of food preparation surfaces, demanding that they should be completed as two separate operations. Now an industry-standard practice, the enforcement of a two-stage clean is monitored as part of regular internal and external environmental health audits.

Stage 1
Stage 1 of a two-stage kitchen clean is that all food contact surfaces, such as work surfaces and equipment, are given a clean with a multi-purpose cleaner. The multi-purpose cleaner is then sprayed onto the hard surfaces to be cleaned, tough deposits agitated, and then rinsed with fresh water and left to air dry.

Stage 2
Stage 2 of a two-stage kitchen clean is that all food contact surfaces are sanitised. Sanitiser products should conform to EN1276 for bacterial kill activity and EN1650 for fungicidal kill – to ensure they are effective against a range of pathogenic microorganisms including MRSA, E. Coli and Listeria.

The sanitiser is then sprayed onto the hard surfaces ready to be sanitised, paying attention to the edges and sides of the surfaces, and then wiped with a clean cloth or paper wipe.

It’s not expected that all cleaning throughout the day will include a two-stage clean – but it is required at least once a day, normally after busy service times or at the end of the day.

Overcoming common issues with commercial dishwashers

Industrial dishwashers work by blasting hot water and detergent over racks of dirty tableware in a very short space of time. Because of the limited time, the detergent needs to be powerful enough to act quickly. Most of the smaller new dishwashers have detergent pumps included but older or bigger machines will need to have a wall mounted electronic dosing unit fitted by an engineer.

There are some common issues with commercial machine dishwashers, that can be easily overcome on-site (without calling an engineer), with the help of these short YouTube video guides:

How a commercial dishwasher works

How to tell if a commercial dishwasher needs electronic dosing equipment

How electronic dosing equipment for a commercial dishwasher works

How to increase the detergent pumped into a commercial dishwasher

How to reduce the detergent pumped into a commercial dishwasher

How to unblock a jet on a commercial dishwasher

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Keep it clean and simple with Cleanline cleaning products

Cleanline is manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for the catering and hospitality industry. A simple and cost-effective solution for routine cleaning tasks in the kitchen, Cleanline removes the confusion that often goes together with traditional chemicals. Matching our Cleanline cleaning products to your routine cleaning tasks, we will provide the minimum number of products to tackle the maximum number of tasks. You may be surprised by how few cleaning products you need – one cleaning product will often do several tasks.

Cleanline provides a three-tier solution to meet the requirements of different sized foodservice operations. For low volume use, Cleanline offers a range of ready to use cleaning products where no dilution is required. For medium and high-volume use, the Cleanline Super range provides concentrated and super concentrated cleaning products that are diluted by the customer on site into pre-printed trigger spray bottles.

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Diversey’s purpose is to protect and care for people every day. Diversey has been,and always will be, a pioneer and facilitator for life. We constantly deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to our customers across the catering and hospitality sectors, including: cleaning products, systems and services that efficiently integrate chemicals, machines and sustainability programs.


This makes us unique among leading hygiene and cleaning companies. Everything we do has our customers’ needs at its heart and is based on the belief that cleaning and hygiene are life essentials. With over 94 years of expertise, we safeguard our customers’ businesses, contributing to productivity improvements, lower total operating costs and brand protection. Diversey have recently launched the SURE plant based cleaning range and the TASKI AERO 8/15, The All-in-One feature combination vacuum with highest efficiency and ultra-silent whisper technology.

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