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From Peri Peri to Sriracha, how can you use hot sauce to bring in more customers?

Tuesday July 26, 2016

The M&C Allegra ‘Eating Out in the UK Report’ shows that there are 168,430 hotel, pub and restaurant outlets in the UK, valued at £62.4 billion. With so many outlets and food options available, foodservice operators will need to cater to the wants of customers who are becoming more adventurous with their meals.

More customers desire ethnically-inspired taste experiences or bold flavours, which is encouraging operators to provide additional menu items and sauces.  For sauces texture and flavour are key and hot sauce in particular is making regular appearances at the dinner table.

It’s clear that Britons have always loved spicy food from the popularity of curries and Indian cuisine, but with the boom of the burrito and Mexican restaurants in the UK, hot sauce has truly started to become mainstream. Often called ‘the Nando’s effect’ or perhaps due to the influence of capsaicinoids, the chemicals in chilli which give a “chilli-high, UK diners are choosing hot sauces as a way to spice up their meal.

Chilli sauces have grown in popularity so much recently that The Telegraph released this guide on how to tell the difference between different hot sauces:

Hot sauce is not just being put on the table as a condiment, many large and small foodservice operators have added new menu items and customisations that feature hot sauce. From Buffalo wings to jalapeño covered burgers, well known chains and independents are adapting their menus for heat-loving consumers.

So how can your establishment make the most of this trend?

  • Add hot sauce as a table condiment.
  • Give your customers the option to customise items to their tastes, such as adding jalapeños or a hot drizzle.
  • Develop a signature hot sauce to bring customers back for the unique taste.
  • Add a couple of dishes that are marinated with hot flavours.
  • Provide a hot sauce dip on the side of the dish.

It is important to remember that your takeaway customers will also be wanting to enjoy your hot sauce offering.

Here at Bunzl Catering Supplies we have many different options for packaging your hot sauce smothered dishes and containing your spicy dips.

Huhtamaki Taste – Food to go boxes

Leak-proof boxes, with or without a window, that keep a rigid shape while keeping food hot.

Medium Food To Go Box


Bagasse clamshell containers from our exclusive brand Sustain

Made from the fibrous material left when sugar syrup is extracted from sugar cane, bagasse can be composted after use. The containers are ideal for wings and burgers and keep food hot.

Sustain bagasse clamshell

Corrugated pizza boxes

Greaseproof boxes which are great for pizzas with spicy drizzles.

Pizza box


Plastic portion pots with lids

These pots are an ideal solution for containing hot dips and drizzles.

Portion pots


Graze Pots from our exclusive brand Revive

Made from 30% recycled PET, these pots can be recycled after use and feature an innovative topper for keeping your hot sauce separated from the main dish. Great for spicy couscous dishes and salads.

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