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Label 2 Go Food Allergy Stickers

Saturday May 16, 2015

Bunzl Catering Supplies steps up its allergen quest in support of operators, as 92% of food allergy sufferers say they are concerned about eating out.

New research from Allergy UK, in support of National Allergen Awareness Week from 20-26 April 2015, has revealed that 92% of those living with a severe food allergy are concerned about eating out. Bunzl Catering Supplies, has stepped up its quest to help operators with the introduction of new Allergy Awareness stickers which tell consumers to “Ask before you eat.”

Available through the ‘Label 2 Go’ brand, operators can purchase two types of stickers, ideal for placing in the window of sites and on table or counter surfaces. The first sticker instantly alerts allergy sufferers who plan on entering a premises of any dangers with the caption: “Food Allergy? Ask before you eat… food prepared here may contain or have come in contact with…” Allergy sufferers are then shown a list of the 14 major allergens with corresponding images.

Similarly, the table/counter surface stickers advise allergy sufferers: “Food Allergy? Before placing your order, please inform a member of staff if a person in your party has a food allergy.” In line with the window stickers, allergy sufferers are then shown the same list of the 14 major allergens with supporting imagery.

The stickers are available in packs of eight, containing 4 x reverse printed window stickers, ideal for placing on the inside of windows so that the message can be read from the outside (2 of each 65 x 210mm and 2 of each 100 x 100mm. The table stickers are available as 4 x self-adhesive vinyl stickers for placing directly onto any suitable surface (2 of each 65 x 210mm and 2 of each 100 x 100mm).

To complement the new Allergy Awareness Stickers, Bunzl Catering Supplies has introduced an additional feature to its online label service, Caterlabel, to make it quicker and easier for operators making and selling produce on and off site, to update allergen information on labelling in three simple steps.

Operators making and selling items on-site, simply select the item via the new ‘Add Allergens’ button, tick the appropriate allergen(s) and save any changes. Making and selling off-site is equally as easy, with operators choosing the ingredients, inputting a weight and ticking the appropriate allergens, which Caterlabel will then automatically display bolded in the ingredient list.

Paul Willcocks, Director, Exclusive Brands, Bunzl Catering Supplies commented: “It is estimated that 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy and the latest research from Allergy UK stating that 92% of food allergy sufferers are concerned about eating out, cannot be ignored. Fear felt by customers who are intolerant of certain ingredients means that the hospitality industry is potentially losing a huge amount of revenue, when this doesn’t need to be the case.

He continues: “The health and safety of customers suffering from a food allergy remains a constant worry for operators and as a business, we know we can help by introducing initiatives and solutions that make it much easier for operators to look after food allergen sufferers”.


About Caterlabel

The online Caterlabel system is perfect for operators and caterers who pre-pack and display chilled foods and is available via any PC or Apple computer with an internet connection. It allows users to prepare, create and print label information straight to a printer. Perfect for multi-site operators, Caterlabel offers an administrative platform to oversee the management of allergen labels centrally. Nominated administrators can easily add and amend label designs and content in multiple-sites simultaneously, keeping sites up-to-date without having to physically visit each site and implement the changes manually.