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Innovate brochure Autumn/Winter 2023

Monday December 18, 2023

Innovate brochure delivers market-leading innovation in food packaging and hygiene solutions

As part of its  Sustainable Future programme, Bunzl Catering Supplies is working with leading suppliers to bring innovative and sustainable product solutions to its customers in the hospitality industry. As the sector prepares for the busy Christmas and New Year season, catering operators are looking to add value to their service proposition and stand out from their competitors, whilst ensuring efficiency, cost-control and sustainability.

Under its Innovate brand, Bunzl Catering Supplies is featuring the very latest food packaging and hygiene products in its Autumn/Winter 2023 brochure, helping hospitality operators deliver memorable festive dining and events  throughout the Winter season.

Featured on page 5, the Metro Cup exclusive brand range of single and double wall cups is now joined by an innovative PE coated paper lid, that is FSC® certified and suitable for use at circa. 70°C for up to 2 hours.

Another excellent food packaging innovation on page 6 and 7, is the kp Infinity™ EPP food boxes, now available in white. EPP is a fully recyclable mono-material developed as an innovative alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a material that was banned by Government legislation in 2023. Made in the UK, the kp Infinity range has proven to be easily and commercially recyclable through several trials.

Made from agricultural waste fibres, the leaves and stems left in a field after crops are harvested, Sustain Agri Bags feature on page 9. These exclusive brand bags have a carbon footprint 28% lower than a standard paper bag made from virgin material. Fully renewable, material certified compostable EN13432, when Sustain Agri Bags are sent to commercial composting facilities they break down into reusable compost within 12 weeks.

Essential hand hygiene products with sustainability benefits feature on page 12 with the PRISTINE® foaming hand wash soluble sachet solution. A luxurious foaming hand wash sachet that you simply mix with water, PRISTINE foaming hand wash sachets reduce storage requirements by 95% compared to bulk-fill liquid soap. One packet of soluble sachets makes 10 litres of product, making it ideal for any size storage cupboard. The manufacturing process adheres to the highest quality standard and all ingredients are vegan friendly.

Also making great strides in sustainability is Bunzl Catering Supplies’ exclusive brand Cleanline Eco Laundry Leaves. Highlighted on page 13, the Cleanline® Eco Laundry Leaves are a sustainable alternative to traditional laundry detergent. Each sheet equates to one dose. Delivering a fantastic clean, Laundry Leaves are up to 90% smaller and lighter than traditional formats, all housed in recyclable and compostable cardboard packaging.

Helping customers achieve their sustainability goals and meet complex Government legislation, our market-leading food packaging and hygiene solutions create value for hospitality operators by applying new solutions to meaningful problems. The latest 16-page Innovate brochure delivers the very best material and design innovation from 2023, to help catering operators thrive in the Autumn/Winter season.

To view the brochure – click here.


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