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The Refill Socket Mop

Friday February 2, 2024

An innovative and sustainable alternative to the traditional socket mop, the Refill Socket Mop from Robert Scott consists of two parts: a replaceable mop head refill and a detachable, reusable socket and clip (sold separately). When the mop head is old and dirty, the unique, patented socket simply unclips for easy mop head disposal and the socket can be used again and again.

Three types of mop heads fit the reusable socket, a PY Mop Head, a Big White Mop Head and a Twine Mop Head.  The yarn for the Big White mop is made from non-woven spun-lace, is low linting and highly absorbent. All mop heads are easy to fit, washable and long lasting.

Available in green, blue, red, yellow or white to prevent cross-contamination, the reusable socket and clip is a sustainable and cost-effective solution, as you only dispose of the mop head, not the reusable socket. The average socket contains 25g of plastic. So, multiply the number of mops you use a week, month or year by 0.025 to calculate the kilograms of plastic saved.

Additionally, separated from its plastic socket and clip, a mop head is easier to recycle at its end of life.

Key features and benefits

  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional socket mop.
  • Colour-coded socket and clip is reusable for multiple use.
  • Easy to fit, washable and long lasting.
  • Choice of cotton-rich mop, or low-linting, highly absorbent Big White mop.
  • Cost-effective as only dispose of yarn.

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