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New ‘Frosted’ Returnable Circular Cup from Circular & Co.

Monday November 27, 2023

Circular & Co has launched a new, opaque ‘Frosted’ cup to join it current range of chalk and grey colour Returnable Circular Cups with lids. Designed to replace single-use coffee cups, the Returnable Circular Cup is a circular cup system for hot and cold beverages on-the-go, where the cup is returned to be commercially washed, and then reused to serve new customers again and again.

According to supplier Circular & Co, 94% of consumers are still not actively engaging with reusables, the direct ownership model has had limited success. The Returnable Circular Cup offers customers a convenient, on-hand reusable option, helping them engage with reusables without the necessity of directly owning a reusable cup.

Consumer trends for sustainable alternatives, and recent UK Government legislation placing bans on certain single-use food packaging items, are driving a shift in buying behaviour from single-use to sustainable options, like returnable and reusable solutions. Bunzl Catering Supplies plays an important role in helping its customers prepare for legislative changes, such as the UK Government ban on single-use plastic cutlery, plates and polystyrene trays. The business sources and develops suitable alternatives, and are first to bring to market innovative, sustainable products, like the Returnable Circular Cup from Circular & Co.

Designed and built to last, the Returnable Circular Cup can last over 1000 wash cycles, which is the equivalent of 2.5 years of daily coffee servings. After less than 3 uses, the CO2 emission of the Returnable Circular Cup are negative versus a single-use alternative, which means huge amounts of CO2 never reach the atmosphere.

Available in 12oz and 16oz in the new, opaque ‘Frosted’ format (perfect for chilled drinks), and in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz in chalk and grey, the Returnable Circular Cup offer customers a premium coffee experience, whilst reducing wastage costs and preventing littering. The cup can also be​ QR and/or RFID enabled with complete flexibility of tags. Additionally, the Returnable Circular Cup is recyclable up to 6 times.

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