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Innovate brochure Autumn/Winter 2021

Wednesday November 24, 2021

Innovate Winter brochure showcases innovation in food packaging and hygiene solutions

As one of the sectors most affected by government restrictions during the Covid-19 crisis, operators in the hospitality industry have had to adapt to new market environments quickly, adopting innovation in food packaging and hygiene supplies in order to reopen safely and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Utilising its global supply chain and product expertise, Bunzl Catering Supplies has continued to deliver its market-leading product solutions to customers at a time when innovation is critical for a safe and sustainable long-term future.

Helping its customers get back to business, Bunzl Catering Supplies launches the 20-page Autumn/Winter Innovate 2021 brochure this week.  Launched under its Innovate brand, the collection hosts new and innovative products that are helping hospitality operators deliver their Autumn and Winter menus and events with confidence.

Headlining the brochure are two on-trend reusable drinks carriers. The first is Circular Cups, the world’s first reusable coffee cups made from single-use paper cups. They last up to 10-years, after which they can be returned to Circular&Co to be recycled and regenerated into another Circular Cup. With a unique 360˚ easy to open and close mechanism, Circular Cups are fully insulated, keeping drinks warm for up to 90 minutes. The new Circular NOW Cup is a cost-effective addition to the Circular&Co range, which is designed to be dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

And for a cold drink solution, Chilly’s water bottles feature on page 5. A rust-resistant, food grade stainless steel bottle, the metal construction inside and out provides long-lasting, fresh tasting flavour. The double wall insulation maintains temperatures inside regardless of the temperature outside, keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Recently, environmental legislation and growing public concern over plastic waste has accelerated the requirement for innovation in product design, supply chain management and end-of-life solutions in single-use food packaging. As part of its Sustainable Future programme, Bunzl Catering Supplies is proactively bringing sustainable food packaging options to market.

BePulp natural pulp packaging from Sabert is a range of innovative and compostable food packaging products manufactured from fibres of plant origin – natural materials which are both abundant and renewable. A great choice in sustainable food packaging, BePulp products combine a natural-look design with exceptional performance. Featured on page 6, the BePulp range is Home OK Compost certified by TUV Austria EN13432.

Evolve by Faerch meal trays, on page 8, are made from up to 75% of post-consumer recycled content and represent a true reflection of the European PET recycling stream. Bottles and trays are collected and recycled to make the packaging, which is only available in naturally fluctuating tones since no extra colour is added during recycling and production. Therefore, the colour of each tray reflects the specific blend of recycled material that it is made from. Evolve by Faerch products can be reliably detected using current sorting technologies because they have been detected before.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation in single-use food packaging has helped operators mobilise delivery and take-out options. As such, page 10 of the brochure features two-compartment paperboard food boxes from Colpac that provide instant portion control for delivery and take-out applications, available in two sizes, medium and large, a strong middle barrier allows multiple food types to be served in one container, reducing unnecessary food packaging waste.

Just in time for the darker nights and the festive season, page 12 of the Innovate brochure features a range of candles from Bolsius. Manufactured in the UK, Relight® candle holders combine style with ease of use and are easily refilled with Relight refills. Twilight and Star light candles add style and ambience to any dining occasion. Made from recycled glass, they are a safe and practical tabletop addition with a burning time of 50 or 70 hours.

Robust on-site hand hygiene programmes continue to be critical for customer confidence. As market leader, Bunzl Catering Supplies ensures catering operators are equipped with the products they need to reduce risk and to operate safely and sustainably. With this in mind, the Innovate brochure includes the very latest innovation in hand care solutions from market-leading brand PURELL.

PURELL® ES8 hand hygiene dispensers, are a revolutionary touch-free dispenser design that addresses the two most common service issues – empty dispensers and worn-out batteries. With breakthrough ‘Energy-on-the-Refill Technology’, each refill comes with a coin cell battery that‘s integrated into the refill, providing touch-free dispensing without the hassle of battery change outs. Whilst ‘AT-A-GLANCE™ Refill Design’ makes it easy to monitor product levels with one quick look, saving time and labour, and eliminating complaints about empty dispensers. The PURELL® ES8 dispensing system represents a 68% reduction in battery waste, and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to leading touch-free systems on the market.

Innovation creates value for catering operators by applying new solutions to meaningful problems. Bunzl Catering Supplies believes that innovation is crucial to the continuing success of the catering and hospitality industry. The 20-page Innovate Autumn/Winter brochure collates the very best material and design innovation from 2021, to help catering operators overcome current challenges, add value to their brand and continue to operate safely and sustainably.

To view the Innovate Autumn/Winter brochure – please click here.


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