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Future Smart™ Fibre Lids provide sustainable alternative to plastic lids

Friday March 20, 2020

Future Smart™ Fibre Lids

Our supplier partner Huhtamaki has introduced an innovative range of plant-based lids called Future Smart Fibre Lids. As part of its Sustainable Future programme, Bunzl Catering Supplies is bringing these lids to catering and hospitality operators as a viable alternative to single use plastic lids.

Made from fully renewable plant-based materials, Future Smart Fibre Lids are suitable for enjoying hot and cold beverages and they fit a variety of hot and cold paper cups. Made with natural fibres from a mixture of 70% bagasse and 30% wood fibres, Future Smart Fibre Lids are recyclable via existing UK cup recycling schemes.

Huhtamaki is a pioneer in the use of sustainable materials for food packaging products to meet the  increased need across the world to reduce the impact on our environment and to develop more sustainable packaging solutions.

“The Future Smart Fibre Lids are an excellent alternative to plastic lids. They are made from a mixture of bagasse and wood fibres, which are fully renewable resources and offer a sustainable choice for people to enjoy both hot and cold beverages,” says Neil Whittall, Specialty Coffee Category Director from Huhtamaki Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania business segment.

The lids have a highly functional design for convenient drinking with or without a straw. Bunzl Catering Supplies will offer two variants of the Future Smart Fibre Lids: 80mm and 90mm diameter.

  • Plastic free material
  • Suitable for enjoying cold and hot beverages
  • Round sip hole accommodates a straw
  • Made with natural fibres from a mixture of 70% bagasse and 30% wood fibres
  • Recyclable via existing UK cup recycling schemes
  • Excellent lid fit for variety of paper cups
  • Unique Huhtamaki design using the best technical knowhow to ensure perfect functionality

Future Smart Fibre Lids are made from an optimal mixture of wood and bagasse fibres. Bagasse is a sugar production by-product. Because it is a by-product, excess bagasse is frequently discarded. However, these fibres are reclaimed and used to make sustainable packaging products which are excellent alternatives for traditional plastic packaging products. Sugarcane is classified as one of the world’s most rapidly renewable resources.

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