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The fastest way to break your fast: Breakfast to go

Wednesday September 7, 2016

Quoted as “the most important meal of the day”, surprisingly breakfast is one of the meals that is skipped the most often here in the UK. A survey by Harris Interactive has found that 45 percent of Brits admit to missing breakfast at least once a week. But surely this is not completely by choice? Time and convenience frequently play a part in whether stomachs are fulfilled in the morning. The Mintel Breakfast Catering report from 2013 found that around a quarter of consumers eat breakfast out of home once a week or more, with recent research from Harris International suggesting that two thirds of adults purchase their breakfast on the way to work from either a retailer or a foodservice operator. This means that this could be a real growth area for operators who are not currently providing a varied breakfast offering. Of all the meals eaten out of home, Harris International have found that breakfast is the most impulse driven.


So what could you have on your breakfast to go menu?

The Mintel Breakfast Eating Habits report from 2014 found that a third of out of home breakfast eaters class “quick to eat” as the most important factor when choosing their breakfast options, and a quarter of consumers want a product that is “easy to eat”. The report also found that around a third of breakfast eaters are looking for breakfast foods that keep them fuller for longer.

It’s true to say that breakfast options have come a long way from the first breakfast cereal in 1863, which required soaking overnight to be chewable! Even looking back to a decade ago, out of home breakfast options were often fry-ups served in greasy spoons or takeaway pastries.

In 2016, even though fry-ups and pastries are still popular, more consumers are looking for protein-rich, tasty, fast and healthy foods to break their fast in preparation for their busy days. With more information available surrounding superfoods, it’s not too difficult for operators to satisfy their consumer’s needs with suitable contemporary breakfast choices.


Here are some menu ideas for breakfast foods and the packaging they could be served in:

 Yoghurt and juicy berries in Graze Pots from our exclusive brand Revive


Filling and healthy overnight oats in Polarity tumblers from Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki rPET Polarity Tumblers Breakfast

Superfood avocado smothered on toast in a compostable cold food box from our exclusive brand Sustain

Sustain card cold food packaging

Deliciously filling egg and sausage breakfast baps in Hot n Crispy bags from Smith Anderson

Hot n crispy

Warming porridge with a drizzle of honey or spoonful of jam in Eatwell containers from Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki Eatwell containers

Don’t forget, breakfast options also make good brunch, lunch or healthy snacking options too, so any new additions to your menu could provide even greater sales.