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Wrapmaster launches Easy Start cling film

Monday September 5, 2016

Wrap Film Systems – makers of the award winning Wrapmaster range – has introduced a new ‘Easy Start’ feature to its cling film to give professionals a seamless start and a perfect tangle-free cut every time.

When the pressure is on in the kitchen, the innovative ‘Easy Start’ roll back removes the hassle associated with using a new roll of cling film making the Wrapmaster range even easier to use and allowing professionals to go about their service without the headache of a tangled start to a roll of cling film.

Easy Start RollThe ‘Easy Start’ feature has been developed in response to customer requests to help them reduce wastage, save money and above all speed up operations even further with effortless dispensing. We know all too well that with the pressures of a busy kitchen it’s important to start a service the right way!

Exclusive to Wrapmaster,’ Easy Start’ cling film can be used with the Wrapmaster Duo, which dispense two types of material and takes up to 40% less space than two separate dispensers, the 4500, which caters for larger kitchens using high volumes of film and the 3000 and Compact dispensers for smaller kitchens.

Click here to see our Food Packaging e-brochure to find out more about the Wrapmaster dispenser range.

‘Easy Start’ cling film partnered with one of the award-winning Wrapmaster dispensers is an unstoppable team in any commercial kitchen. Wrap Film Systems has been working with chefs for over twenty years to make lives that little bit easier with products that have been developed by listening to valued customers – it’s for these reasons Wrapmaster is proud to be the professional’s choice when it comes to dispensing.