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Dart Product Europe's EPS Container With Domed Lid
EPS Containers from season to season

Wednesday September 30, 2015

September 23rd marked the official first day of autumn for 2015 and the new season is full of prospects for food and beverage operators; drink menus become influenced by pumpkin and gingerbread and food offerings start to align with the cooler weather.

Dart Products Europe is set to prepare you for autumn with their range of EPS (foam) containers – proven to keep food hotter for longer and reduce sweating. EPS containers are superior in the market because of their high quality insulation and strength, and have a wide variety of lids to suit many food applications. Made in their Cradley Heath factory, Dart Products Europe’s EPS containers are one-piece constructed, meaning that there are no seams for leakages. Whichever style of lid you choose to go for, each combination delivers a secure lid fit and containers are available in a variety of sizes.

EPS containers can also be uniquely printed with a bespoke design, transforming the container into a walking advertisement and enhancing your branding. For operators looking to set themselves apart from the competition Dart Product Europe offer a high dome lid, that when paired with a vented or non-vented lid acts as a single compartment for accompaniments and gives the advantage of keeping wet and dry ingredients separate.

Dart Products Europe - EPS Container with Domed Lid

EPS Container with Domed Lid

This EPS container and high dome lid combination is perfect for enhancing eating on the move, and

caters to both hot and cold food applications. When the weather turns colder, home-style cooked dishes are favoured by many consumers, offering bread and tasty extras to accompany full-flavoured soups and hearty stews is made easier with the high dome lid and means that take-out customers don’t have to miss out.

EPS insulation isn’t just ideal for hot food but versatile enough for beverage and cold food applications

too – why not save on inventory and increase product freshness by using EPS containers for desserts? Chocolate mousse and amaretti biscuits, or a perfect match heading into the festive season for freshly brewed mulled wine and deliciously buttery mince pies.

Dart Products Europe’s extensive range of containers, lids, cups and dinnerware makes transitioning from season to season a breeze.