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National Coffee Day: from seed to cup

Tuesday September 29, 2015

National Coffee Day is a day where people come together and celebrate everyone involved in creating a delicious cup of coffee. The day, also celebrated in many other countries including Australia and the USA, comes just before the first official ‘International Coffee Day’ on 1st October. International Coffee Day was created ‘to celebrate the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion’.


World coffee production for 2015/16 is forecast to be 152.7 million 60-kg bags. Coffee beans come from the seeds of the fruit from the Coffea plant. These plants require warm temperatures to survive, so are generally farmed as near to the equator as possible.

Coffee is cultivated in over 70 counties including Ethiopia, Columbia and Indonesia, with Brazil being the largest coffee exporting nation.


Growing Regions for Robusta and Arabica Coffee

Growing Regions for Robusta and Arabica Coffee

r = Cultivation of Coffea Robusta
m = Cultivation of Robusta and Arabica
a = Cultivation of Coffea Arabica


Arabica Fruit Branches

Arabica Fruit Branches

There are over 100 different coffee seeds, but the two most commonly grown are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is a delicate seed that requires ideal conditions to grow. The price of Arabica is higher because the berries are harder to grow, however the taste is highly favoured and it is seen as the superior choice. Robusta Coffea seeds have a higher yield and less sensitivity to insects, but the taste is slightly bitter due to extra caffeine.



The 10 steps from seed to cup:

10 Steps from Seed to Cup


The stages before exportation (stage 6) are generally completed in the developing countries where the Did you know...? Over 90% of the world’s coffee production takes place in developing countriesplants are grown. These processes are high intensity and require working long hours, usually in the scorching sun.  The Fairtrade Foundation wants to ensure that these farmers and workers get better prices and decent working conditions.

The Fairtrade Foundation helps producers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions and promotes sustainability. They remark that “every bean can be traced back to the farmers’ cooperative that produced it”.

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