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Clean and Simple: training and employee turn-over

Thursday January 17, 2019

Cleaning in the catering and hospitality environment has undergone significant change in recent years. This change has evolved from a range of factors, including: the socio-economic climate, technological advancements in mainstream culture, and the desire to operate more sustainably. In our series of five ‘Clean and Simple’ short blogs we investigate these changes and discuss how foodservice operators might adapt to emerging challenges to ensure that their essential cleaning and hygiene systems remain uncompromised.

In the UK hospitality industry you sometimes hear of the “revolving door” culture, which means that the majority of staff employed within the sector will not be working with the same company the following year. At Bunzl Catering Supplies we can’t alter the staff turnover figures for a business, but through our interactive Cleanline e-learning website, which is available to our customers who use our exclusive brand of cleaning products Cleanline, what we can do is help employers adapt to fast moving teams and keep up to date with both mandatory training like COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), and essential training such as how to get the best out of your cleaning products.

There’s nothing new about online training but it’s not normally part of the standard “added value” package offered by the majority of cleaning product suppliers.  In fact, many of our customers think that, next to the products themselves, accessibility to immediate online training is the most important aspect of Cleanline.  Indeed since its launch in 2016 over 5,412 logins to the site have been made to the website which goes some way to prove it’s worth.

So why is our online training system so valuable to the industry’s management?  Well primarily, it’s there; where you want it and when you want it.  Rather than make an appointment for face-to-face training only to experience the frustration of absenteeism on the day, or by having new team members joining just after it has taken place, you can get your people professionally trained up at any time that suits you all.

Once they’ve signed up to the Cleanline e-learning website, most of our customers ask new team members to go through the COSHH section of the website before they even set foot in the kitchen.  There are five short and simple videos to watch, each of them focusing on the different sections of COSHH.  Each video is followed by a simple question with a choice of answers.  Trainees are only able to move on to the next video when they’ve entered the correct answer to the question.  On completion of all five there is an option to print off a personalised certificate for the participants; the names, times and dates of the training are also recorded and downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for filing.

The whole session takes around 12 minutes and only needs to be undertaken annually.  Although it is included in the price of the products, ostensibly our online training is free of charge.  Anyone using Cleanline as their sole cleaning product supplier simply has to tell us their email address, the number of people requiring training and we’ll do the rest.

As leading suppliers of catering disposables and cleaning and hygiene products in the catering and hospitality sector, Bunzl Catering Supplies delivers and supports a well-respected range of cleaning products to foodservice operators called Cleanline. A simple, cost-effective solution of professional formulation products in a three-tier range, Cleanline meets the needs of different sized operations, for all cleaning tasks in the kitchen, washroom and front of house. Cleanline is supported by a 24-hour emergency response service, and also provides COSHH awareness training via a unique online e-learning website. For more information about Cleanline – please contact us today.