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The choices are plentiful with plastic soufflé portion containers & lids

Wednesday December 20, 2017

Offering consumers’ plenty of choice on the menu, and serving food in quality packaging with consistency, is a key aspect to success in today’s competitive foodservice market.

An article on the RSM website called Top trends to watch in restaurants in 2017 suggests that, “Branding [in foodservice]…starts with creative menu options, the quality of the product served, the manner in which it is served, the vibe created and an ability to connect with customers or guests, all delivered on a consistent basis. This is true regardless of the segment. The priority of these items and the tactics to deliver them may vary by segment, but operators who are successful in these areas will capitalize on the opportunities created by the shifting trends across the industry.”

Soufflé plastic portion containers and lids, from our supplier Dart Products Europe, help foodservice operators serve a wide choice of cold sides and sauces, allowing chefs to get creative with flavour combinations and personalised add-ons, whilst retaining consistency on portion control.

Available in translucent or black, and delivering quality performance for both dine in and on-the-go applications, Soufflé portion containers and lids are available in a wide variety of sizes to cater for different dishes, from ketchup and salad dressings, to coleslaw and olives.

When used with a co-ordinating lid, the containers provide a leak resistant recepticle for sides and sauces on the go. With such a wide product offering and the same lids fitting across the range, sleeves and boxes are colour co-ordinated to highlight container and lid fit and help avoid confusion.

When serving hot sides and sauces, Conex Complements containers provide the perfect solution.  Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, they withstand microwave temperatures, allowing you to serve a variety of warming sides from mushy peas to hot-chilli sauce.  Conex Complements containers also come with secure fitting lids, which manufactured in a clear material gives customers a clear view of their food.

Dart Products Europe’s Soufflé portion containers and Conex Complements containers allow foodservice operators to upscale their menus with a variety of cold and hot foods whilst retaining portion control, appealling to customer’s demands on choice and quality.

Perfect for upscaling your menu, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – contact Bunzl Catering Supplies for more information or to request a sample.