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Increase your cleaning efficiency with the UNGER erGO! clean All-in-one Advanced Floor Cleaning System

Tuesday December 19, 2017

According to online publication HSE (Health and Safety Executive), slips and trips comprise 35 per cent of ‘major’ injuries in the food and drink industries (e.g. causing a broken arm or requiring hospitalisation).

Slips are one of the largest causes of accidents in the UK, with over 50 per cent of reported accidents happening to members of the public when visiting workplaces. This costs society billions per year, but the costs to individual businesses can also be huge.

If a spillage occurs then the natural thing to do is to mop it up. However, using a mop and bucket to clear spills can also cause a slipping hazard as they often use excess water. HSE reported that an average of 56 per cent of all reported slips are often caused by people unknowingly walking over a mopped floor, which can be prevented with an improved cleaning regime. Therefore it is important to take precaution when mopping, making sure that you are reducing any risks of someone slipping.

This is particularly true in restaurant kitchens where the floors are made of slick tile material because it’s simple extremely simple to clean, however when mopped, this material becomes extremely slippery – posing a danger to all. In addition, dirty floors in food-prep areas can contain bacteria and viruses, which if touched can cause foodborne illness, such as, Listeria, E.coli, Shigella and Salmonella. It is for this reason that restaurant floors need to be cleaned multiple times a day, when a spillage occurs and have a thorough full clean at the end of the day.

Our supplier, UNGER, have redesigned the classic mop and bucket with the new erGO! Clean. The erGO! Clean allows users to quickly clean floors, without using a mop bucket, protecting workers and employees from slips and bacteria on the floor. Cleaning without a mop bucket means that there is no chance of excess liquid causing potential slipping – just snap in a bottle cleaning solution and you are ready to clean.

Bucketless cleaning means that users can just snap in the bottle, filled with their chosen cleaning product, then they are ready to clean.  The detachable and interchangeable bottle allows users to quickly change cleaning solutions. The unique dispensing design allows the user to switch from one solution to another in seconds. Liquid does not go through any part of the mop, so no rinsing required.

The simplicity of the UNGER erGO! Clean is proven to Improve efficiency – by helping people get the job done and save as much time as possible. No preparation time is required, which means the erGO! clean Floor System is always ready-to-go and allows the user to quickly address required cleaning issues immediately.

The UNGER erGO! Clean also features a unique ‘S’ curved pole, with auto-drive rotating grips,  allowing self-guiding movements, which helps to eliminate strain and stress on wrists, shoulders and waist. Also, the microfiber mops is 60 per cent lighter than the traditional string mop, reducing repetitive stress injuries.

If using the UNGER erGO! Clean or a traditional mop and bucket, we also recommend purchasing a wet floor sign as well. This will allow employees and customers to be aware of any potential slip hazards.

For more information on the UNGER erGO! clean Floor Cleaning System kits, please contact your local Bunzl Catering Supplies branch today.