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A clear winner with ClearSeal® containers from Dart Products Europe

Friday April 1, 2016

With so many food options in the marketplace, foodservice operators can often find it difficult to choose packaging that fits a multitude of meal choices whilst still being practical for presentation and storage. The multi-application ClearSeal hinged containers from Dart Products Europe are the secure and reliable food packaging solution for those offering their customers a wide and varied menu, from breakfast through to lunch and dinner, as well as snacks and desserts.

What makes ClearSeal containers truly unique are the cleverly designed features, which are designed to benefit both the consumer and the operator. ClearSeal’s 360° perimeter seal is designed to lock in freshness and help to increase the shelf life of contents, whilst giving a guaranteed leak-resistant seal; ideal for locking in salad dressings and sauces.

One of ClearSeal’s biggest appeals to foodservice operators is the ability to maximise the use of selling space due to the container’s registered stacking platform. ClearSeal containers can be tightly stacked side by side as well as sitting comfortably and securely on top of one another, leaving minimal gaps in display cabinets and reducing the need to replenish stock as frequently.

Available in 4 sizes and in 2 different shapes, all ClearSeal containers have secure grip opening tabs, giving greater ease to diners. Dart Products Europe have designed the many features of the containers to give an effortless dining experience, such as eliminating the flapping back of the ClearSeal’s lid, allowing it to lie flat upon opening and making it stress-free to eat both on the move or at a table.

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Dart ClearSeal containers are made from OPS, a leak-resistant and stiff packaging material. Although not as durable as PET, OPS is a lightweight material that provides crystal clear clarity, making ClearSeal containers ideal for showcasing delicious and tempting dishes such as salads and sandwiches, fresh fruit and dessert, or baked goods such as doughnuts, pastries and cakes.

The registered stacking platform, leak-resistant seal, complete clarity and at ease packing and opening are all part of what makes ClearSeal the winner for take-away packaging.

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