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Safety in your kitchen

Thursday March 30, 2017

An essential piece of kitchen equipment, but hopefully one that isn’t required too often – first aid kits provide catering staff with the means to treat minor injuries in the workplace.

Chefs and servers have a challenging job that often requires juggling multiple tasks at once and can involve potentially hazardous conditions. Boiling hot liquids, sharp knives, grease and fire – kitchen employees need to be aware of everything going on around them and know what to do if an incident occurs.

All foodservice operators are required to conduct an assessment of potential risks in the workplace and all operators should have suitable first aid equipment on site. Every employee needs to know where first aid equipment is located and kits need to be checked regularly. Any first aid item that has been used will need to be replaced and items that have been in the kit for a long time may have gone out of date and need replacing too. For your employees’ safety, you wouldn’t want them to reach for the first aid kit to find that the item they need has gone or is out of date and doesn’t work as expected.

Offering a fully comprehensive range of first aid equipment, Bunzl Catering Supplies has a new first aid supplier, Reliance Medical.

Reliance Medical are exclusively the only brand to offer catering first aid kits featuring all blue dressings.  By using all blue medical dressings you can ensure fast and easy visibility in the food environment and demonstrate your commitment to the safety of your employees and customers.

We offer three sizes of catering first aid kits – small kits for up to 10 people, medium kits for up to 20 people or large kits for up to 50 people.

Depending on the tasks that your employees preform and the size of your operation, other first aid equipment may also be required. Products such as stand-alone burns kits, eye wash stations and body fluid granules provide additional equipment where risk is higher.