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Keeping food safe and cooked to perfection

Wednesday March 29, 2017

When cooking dishes for your customers there are two main priorities – the first is that the food is safe for consumption and the second is that the food is cooked to specification.

Food safety is essential in all foodservice environments; measures must be in place to prevent cross-contamination, monitor the freshness of food and ensure that it is cooked to a safe temperature.

Food temperature is also important to cook food to specification – there’s only a few degrees between a rare steak and a medium-rare steak, but the difference to customer satisfaction can be huge. Time is of the essence when monitoring food temperatures – a food probe that gives a fast temperature reading will help chefs make decisions based on accurate information.

The Superfast Thermapen 4 has a number of features that make it an essential tool for foodservice operators. With a super-fast 3 second response time, 3000 hours of battery life and 2 year warranty, the Superfast Thermapen 4 food probe thermometer is robust enough to happily survive in a commercial kitchen. Made in the UK and fully waterproof, the product is features a truly ambidextrous rotating display, intelligent backlight and movement sensor to turn itself on when in use. The Superfast Thermapen 4 is available in a choice of 10 colours, so is ideal for colour-coded food safety systems, and comes with a free traceable certificate of calibration.

Many other folding probe thermometers can take much longer to reach temperature whereas the Superfast Thermapen 4 will reach 100% of it’s reading within 3 seconds.  Just open the oven door and within 3 seconds you will have a stable core temperature of your food – don’t leave those essential few degrees to chance.You may have spotted the Superfast Thermapen 4 on some high profile baking and cookery programs on mainstream television channels over recent years.  You may have also seen the Superfast Thermapen 4 being used by celebrity chefs, food bloggers and journalists as it is widely regarded as the benchmark every other thermometer looks up to.The Superfast Thermapen 4 thermometer has been manufactured in the UK by Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd (ETI) for nearly 20 years and has secured its place as the world’s most popular folding food probe thermometer.  ETI are a family run business on the South Coast of England and pride themselves with market leading innovation and robust, fast and value for money thermometers.

If you want to ensure that every meal you serve is cooked to the optimum temperature every time, then speak to Bunzl Catering Supplies about the Superfast Thermapen 4 today.