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How LINPAC kicks off the BBQ season

Thursday June 23, 2016

Spring is the true start of the BBQ season, giving foodservice operators the chance to offer a new selection of menu items and officially open outside dining areas.

Barbecues, at-home eating and entertaining is now the UK’s favourite leisure activity with two thirds of all UK households now owning a barbecue grill. The overall barbecue and alfresco eating and entertaining market in 2013 was worth just over £7.1 billion, a massive leap from £150 million in 1997.

Barbecues are becoming a firm favourite for pub operators who are opening up their beer gardens for alfresco dining and events. Consumers are becoming more adventurous and expecting more interesting food from the BBQ; spicy chicken wings, exotic fish and aromatic duck legs have joined the traditional burgers and sausages on the grill plate. Consumers aren’t being shy with their wallets either, spending more on food and drinks at a barbecue.

Picture the scene… the sun is out, the barbecue is sizzling away and refreshing drinks are being enjoyed by your customers.

LINPAC can help operators prepare for their summer barbecues with its range of tableware and packaging solutions for hot and cold foods.

The Trimplate® range of EPS tableware is lightweight and adaptable. It includes the TP4/3 plate that is divided into three compartments, providing perfect portion control to curb overeating, minimise food waste and keep meat, side sauces and salads separate from each other to aid food presentation. The range is ideal for plating up delicious sausages and burgers, as well as accompanying cold side dishes.

For cold foods, such as salads, deli sides and desserts, the premium LINdis® R disposable tableware range from LINPAC offers an elegant and quality alternative to paper, high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and board ranges.

What’s more, LINdis R has been manufactured from rPET, containing a high level of food safe recycled material. The innovative, premium range of tableware is sleek and ultra-modern making it perfect for any special party event, not only barbecues.

To display cold food options in style and make food service easier and more convenient, LINPAC Pyramid Packs are a great choice for caterers.

The crystal clear rPET display contents beautifully and the funky design ensures the product stands out on the table.

The packs can be simply opened and put out on the table for use, and then cleared away for recycling afterwards, saving on the post-party washing up.