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Innovation in food packaging and hygiene solutions for the Winter season

Thursday November 24, 2022

With the coldest months fast approaching, customers are looking for a variety of hot food and drink staples to keep the chill away, whether that’s for eating and drinking on the go, cosied up in the local eatery or home delivered. In its latest Autumn/Winter Innovate brochure, Bunzl Catering Supplies features the very latest hot food packaging options to help catering operators launch their Winter menus and serve a plethora of delicious, hearty dishes in a practical and appealing way.

Sturdy, heat resistant, multi-compartment plates on page 6 are made from bagasse and certified EN 13432 compostable. As these plates do not absorb oil or leak, they are suitable for serving even the greasiest of hot foods without leaving a soggy mess.  Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp, is a fibrous, renewable material left behind in the sugarcane harvesting process. When placed in a dedicated compostables bin and sent to commercial composting facilities, these plates will turn into usable compost within 12 weeks.

On page 8, Bioflute food boxes, available with and without windows, are a sturdy range of on-the-go and food delivery packaging made from a unique Bioflute material. A water-based grease and water resistant coating makes these food boxes suitable for serving a variety of delicious hot and cold foods. Manufactured in the UK from material responsibly sourced in the EU, the material is pulpable and recyclable in normal paper recycling streams (without its window).

In the wake of the pandemic lock-down, innovation in single-use food packaging is helping operators mobilise delivery and take-out options, while robust on-site hygiene programmes continue to be critical for customer confidence. As a market leader, Bunzl Catering Supplies ensures catering operators are equipped with the products they need to reduce risk and to operate safely and sustainably.

With this in mind, the Autumn/Winter Innovate brochure launches a new range of Cleanline Eco cleaning products that help operators maintain the very highest of hygiene standards, with a reduced impact on the environment. Featured on page 14, Cleanline Eco brings simplicity and safety with its new range of water soluble sachets. The quick and easy one dose solution takes up less space in storage and reduces packaging by up to 95%. Easy to transport and simple to use, mix and handle, Cleanline Eco soluble sachets are colour-coded to match designated colour-coded reusable spray bottles and come in 20 or 80 per pouch, to suit task size and frequency.

Innovation creates value for catering operators by applying new solutions to meaningful problems. Bunzl Catering Supplies believes that innovation is crucial to the continuing success of the catering and hospitality industry. The 16-page Autumn/Winter Innovate brochure collates the very best material and design innovation from 2022, to help catering operators add value to their brand during the Winter season, and  to operate safely and sustainably post pandemic lockdown.

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