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Increasing demand for eco-friendly cleaning products

Friday February 16, 2018

Sales of eco-friendly household products are increasing as consumers look to natural cleaning products to add some sparkle to their homes, while reducing their environmental impact. The market research firm Mintel recently revealed that eco-friendly cleaning products account for 30 per cent of the household cleaners market, increasing by 15 per cent since 2013.

This rise in popularity can be linked to consumers becoming more aware of what chemicals are in the cleaning products they use in their homes and at their workplace. Consumers are worried about the health and safety effects of toxic chemicals, such as Phthalates, Parabens, PERC, Triclosan, Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide. Some can cause skin irritations, whilst others can have chronic effects.

Supermarket Tesco recently introduced the Tesco Eco Active range, a range of cleaning made from plant-based ingredients. Tesco decided to move towards products with plant-based ingredients after sales within the sector increased by 45 per cent in their stores.

Sanjeev Kaushal, Tesco household goods product developer, who developed the range said, “Demand for eco-cleaning products in the UK is at an all-time high with shoppers more aware of how they can protect the planet through informed choices that start in their homes.”

In response to the rising demand for more natural products, our supplier Diversey has released The SURE™* range, which is a complete set of plant-based and 100 per cent biodegradable cleaning products. The range is designed to deliver superior professional results while being safe and gentle for people and the environment. The range covers all routine and daily cleaning requirements in kitchens, washrooms and personal care. All 18 products meet typical eco-certification criteria and, where applicable, are EU Ecolabel certified.

SURE has been introduced to support businesses that want to adopt – and be seen to adopt – the highest levels of sustainability across their cleaning operations. Many businesses now recognise the benefits of sustainable and effective cleaning to improve guest and employee satisfaction ratings, enhance the reputation of their brands, and ensure consistent cleaning performance.

The entire SURE range is manufactured from environmentally-friendly ingredients from renewable resources. These plant-based ingredients are typically derived from by-products of the agro-food industry, originating from sugar beet, maize, straw bran, wheat bran and coconut. The products contain no artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, chlorine, phosphates or oxide compounds. Most of the SURE concentrates in the range are non-classified and have been formulated to achieve the lowest hazard classification.

The kitchen range comprises of products covering all routine tasks including hand dishwashing, general surface cleaning, appliance and surface degreasing and descaling, glass and grill cleaning, and surface sanitising and disinfection.

The washroom range comprises four products covering daily cleaning, descaling, toilet cleaning, and floor cleaning. The personal care range comprises six antibacterial and conventional hand care products including soaps, washes and sanitisers.

SURE represents Diversey global commitment to providing professional cleaning products that meet strict demands for efficacy, together with respect for the environment and human health. Superior performance is guaranteed by rigorous testing, and is based on the company’s expertise and global experience in developing market-leading cleaning solutions for over 90 years.

The biodegradable performance of the products has been verified by independent OECD 301B assessment. All relevant products have achieved EU Ecolabel certification.

The products are available in variety of ready-to-use, dispensing and bulk packs with industry-standard colour coding to promote familiarity and simplify implementation. They are safe and easy to use, and do not require special user training. All products are supported with full documentation and user-guides.

For more information on the SURE range from our supplier Diversey – please contact your local Bunzl Catering Supplies branch.