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Improve your customer experience by upgrading your washroom with Tork

Wednesday February 24, 2016

Tork®, the leading global brand in workplace hygiene, has conducted extensive research to determine the most important aspects of a restaurant experience in the eyes of consumers dining out in the UK and across Europe.

The research found that all women from the surveyed countries would advise friends not to visit a restaurant where they had experienced ‘poor cleanliness and hygiene in the dining area, with 64% of UK women stating this was ‘very important’ to how they judged their restaurant experience. Seven out of 10 UK respondents across men and women admitted to having advised a friend not to visit a restaurant.

When asked what the second most important aspect of a visit to a restaurant was to them after the food, 59% of UK respondents said that it was ‘very important’ for ‘the table and restaurant environment to be clean and tidy,’ closely followed by the ‘tidiness of washrooms, with 50% of UK respondents citing this as ‘very important.’

UK respondents think ‘washrooms must maintain the same standards of cleanliness as front of house areas, with 90% either ‘strongly agreeing’ or ‘agreeing’. However, just 19% of UK residents ‘strongly agree’ that ‘Restaurant washrooms are generally hygienic and tidy’.

Tork can help make the right impression whilst you care for your customers; our tried and tested combinations give you an easy choice for your washroom. Exceptional care for your customers starts here.

The Tork washroom hygiene solutions include matching dispensers in a variety of styles, for key essentials such as hand towels, soap and toilet tissue. Other Tork products include kitchen and dining essentials such as centre feed dispensers and napkins.


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