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An illustration of the value of auto-dosed drain cleaning systems

Thursday February 22, 2018

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘Why is it important for commercial kitchens to have an auto-dosed drain cleaning system installed?’

And here’s what he told us…

Cleanline Expert – Rod Hale Twitter – @rodhale2

Insects aren’t usually very welcome in catering environments, but if you ever get the chance to be a fly on the wall in a busy commercial kitchen, it’s an unforgettable experience.

From the head chef to the kitchen porter, working in a busy commercial kitchen is all about co-ordination and timing. When every member of the team knows their job and what’s expected of them, when there is no duplication of tasks, when pre-determined routes are used to avoid collisions, when the kitchen porter knows which pan the chef needs washing up first, when the orders from the waiters are clear and right first time, when morale is high – then you have a rare insight into the highly-tuned teamwork of a commercial kitchen.

Of course, if there were to be the slightest mishap then it can affect the performance of the entire team. Imagine what might happen in the kitchen if, for example, the main drain is blocked.

It all starts with the commis chef who’s washing carrots so that they can be served in a winter salad. The carrots have come directly from an organic farm and are covered in red mud, therefore the commis chef must clean off all the mud in the kitchen sink then sanitise the carrots in Fresh Produce Wash (salad and vegetable wash – so safe it doesn’t even need rinsing). After washing the carrots the commis chef notices that the water in the sink has turned red from the mud and needs changing, but when the plug is pulled there’s a massive gurgle and then…nothing happens, the dirty water isn’t draining.

A few seconds later the kitchen porter notices that the dishwasher is overflowing in the middle of its wash cycle. The kitchen porter carefully runs over and cuts the power of the dishwasher as hot water, detergent and food debris pour onto the floor, causing a potential slipping hazard. Upon opening the door to the machine the kitchen porter is able to see that the water is not draining and it is clear that there is a blockage in the main drain.

It dawns on the team that the main drain is blocked. And as the kitchen is now without a sink to clean produce or a dishwasher to clean pots – service is now at risk of serious delay. The kitchen porter is sent by the head chef with the utmost urgency to Reception to get hold of Maintenance or an emergency drainage contractor. They can do nothing but wait.

This is of course just an illustration, but if the drains were kept running smoothly then none of this would’ve happened in the first place. And that’s where Bunzl Catering Supplies can help you – not only by relieving you of the worry that something like that might happen but also of the expense of getting a contractor in to jet the drains.

So long as you’re a regular customer using Cleanline cleaning products, Bunzl Catering Supplies will organise an engineer to fit an auto-dosed drain cleaning system to inject an enzyme based Drain Cleaner into the kitchen drains. Once fitted, the pump is timed to activate and introduce a precisely calibrated quantity of Drain Cleaner into the system at exactly the right point every night.

The enzymes in Drain Cleaner work to break down waste fats and proteins into smaller particles that bacteria in the system can easily consume. In other words, the particles become food that is digested by the bacteria and then simply broken down into water and carbon dioxide. The liquid is injected at night when the waste water in the system is cold because during the daytime hot waste water from the sink or the dishwasher would kill the bacteria.


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