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Hotel hospitality: The importance of excellent housekeeping

Thursday November 1, 2018

Nothing repels hotel guests more than poor housekeeping, cleanliness sets a first impression for quality and demonstrates to guests how much the hotel really cares about their stay. In hotels, the major part of revenue comes from the rooms, so housekeeping is a top concern.

With hotel hygiene being high on a guest’s priority list, a hotel’s reputation can suffer if the standard of cleanliness and hygiene in front-of-house areas doesn’t meet expectations. According to the Emprise white paper, 97 per cent of travellers say cleanliness is an important factor when booking accommodation, and just one negative review can lose hotels around 30 guests, according to an Emprise study.

Housekeeping teams are expected to vacuum floors, empty in-room bins, change bedding, provide fresh towels, clean the bathroom and generally tidy up. Every day, Bunzl Catering Supplies helps hundreds of housekeepers complete their daily cleaning tasks with a range of cleaning and janitorial products designed specifically for hotels.

We’ve recently launched a new, low-noise vacuum cleaner designed to achieve optimum cleanliness, with minimum inconvenience to guests. At 30 decibels quieter than the new EU Directive sound level, Diversey claim the TASKI AERO is one of the most energy efficient and quietest vacuum cleaners available today.

In a competitive environment, hotels gain advantage by paying attention to every detail of what makes a comfortable stay. So, in addition to a clean bathroom and fresh bedding and towels – providing guests with plump, comfortable pillows and duvets, working modern appliances and luxury guest amenities, can enhance a guest’s experience and set a clear division between one hotel to another.

Bunzl Catering Supplies delivers a range of in-room supplies that help housekeepers create an environment of comfort and luxury for guests. With pillows reportedly being responsible for 98 per cent of a guest’s sleep experience, this range includes replacement pillows, duvets and mattress protectors to ensure that guest bedding is always in tip-top condition.

Our luxury ranges of in-room guest cosmetics (soap, shampoo and body lotions) bring a touch of home to the guest room environment, helping provide a positive home-away-from-home feeling. An in-room spa experience is very popular with guests – so our range includes a range of cosmetics branded Natural Extracts, ‘infused with the well-being that nature intended’.

Good housekeeping, with impeccable cleanliness as standard, and attention to detail as an added-value differentiator, can give hotels an edge, enhance the guest experience and improve a hotel’s bottom line. As a leading supplier in the UK, dedicated to making hospitality happen, it’s our mission to provide hotels with the right product and service support to make each guest visit a warm and hospitable one.

Our global resource and our hotel expertise, allows us to present the most exciting product and service solutions in the market, helping hotel operators run a smooth and profitable business. For more information – please give us a call today or view our Hotel Hospitality Magazine.

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