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Good 2 Go cutterboxes: a solution for all catering businesses

Friday May 6, 2016

Food presentation is extremely important, especially for catering businesses. Customers expect food to not only look appetising, but to also be presented in a way that absolute freshness is retained. To do this, foodservice operators need to ensure that all ingredients and food items are prepared and presented correctly at every stage of the process; from baking to final presentation.

PrintExclusive brand ‘Good 2 Go’ from Bunzl Catering Supplies offers a range of packaging and wrapping solutions, which can help customers with all aspects of food presentation. This includes a range of Good 2 Go film and foil cutterboxes which provide high quality cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment in a choice of 30cm or 45cm wide rolls.


Product usage

Fridge Freezer Oven / Grill / BBQ Microwave
Baking parchment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aluminium foil Yes Yes Yes No
Cling film Yes Yes No Yes (as a lid)


Good to go 3D box 45cm Baking Parchment VISUALBaking parchment is our newest addition to the range. Perfect for any establishment that is baking breads, pastries, biscuits, cakes or other sweet treats. Using baking parchment ensures the final product won’t stick to the pan and gives an easier clean up as paper can just be disposed after being used. Gone are the nervous moments of trying to excavate a cake from the tin and gone is the tiresome soaking and scrubbing of a metal tin.

With Good 2 Go baking parchment there is no need to grease either the tins or the parchment Good 2 Go Foil 45cm J01032itself, and it even has no issues when being used with items that have high sugar content.

For best use of parchment paper is it recommended not to let the paper touch the edges of the oven, which will cause it to burn.

Parchment paper can also be used for lining storage containers to stop products sticking and rolled into cones to create icing bags.
Although baking parchment may not be suitable for use with items that produce juices, the Good 2 Go aluminium foil is an ideal solution to keep liquids enclosed.
Good 2 Go Film 45cm H03632Fantastic for roasting, the foil ensures that food is cooked more evenly whilst still retaining moisture and flavour.

Made from a soft, flexible film of PVC, Good 2 Go film has high cling capabilities with low migration.
As part of a back of house food safety and hygiene plan it is important to keep food well covered and cling film is an ideal solution for covering open containers.

All Good 2 Go cutterboxes include a disposable plastic blade for easy dispensing and provide a cost effective, tamper-proof food wrapping solution.