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Biotech: The world’s first biologically active toilet tissue which actively cleans and sanitises pipes!

Monday May 9, 2016

Biotech: The first ‘Biologically Active Toilet Tissue’ which actively cleans, sanitises and unblocks pipes, septic tanks and sewerage systems.

Biotech is an exclusive tissue innovation by Papernet, designed to significantly reduce the risk of pipe blockages and subsequent costs associated with maintenance, purging operations and facilities downtime.

Biotech helps ensure the highest levels of toilet hygiene and sanitation, eliminating bad smells and minimizing the need for additional chemical or enzyme cleaners.

How Does It Work?

  • During the manufacturing process Biotech tissue products are sprayed with harmless naturally occurring microorganisms which feed on organic waste materials.
  • When the paper comes into contact with water, the microorganisms simply activate and feed on dirt, grease, fats and other organic wastes present in pipes and sewage systems. Biotech will even break down paper – meaning reduced waste all round!
  • The microorganisms multiply rapidly as they consume, increasing their action exponentially – meaning the more Biotech is used, the more it will clean – even in places where traditional chemical and mechanical solutions cannot reach.
  • Once the microorganisms have completed their function they simply biodegrade to carbon dioxide and water – meaning Biotech is environmentally friendly.

After just 30 days of use, pipe blockages are likely to be significantly reduced, the quality of effluence and waste water is likely to be drastically improved and septic tank draining should need to be undertaken less frequently.

Biotech has undergone extensive medical/dermatological testing and is certified as being 100% safe for human contact.

Biotech is available in a number of toilet tissue formats (Jumbo/Mini Jumbo, Bulk-pack and Conventional Rolls), as well as a Flushable Hand Towel.

All details have been provided to Bunzl Catering Supplies directly from our supplier Papernet.