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GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd have extended their skincare programme for the hotel sector

Thursday May 19, 2016

Although there are certain key features that determine a hotel’s overall star-rating, the term ‘luxury’ can often be used to describe both 4-star and 5-star hotels with no official guidelines. The characteristics of what makes a hotel feel luxury is generally decided by its guests. As the true judges of quality, guests have specific wants and needs that are required to be fulfilled before they will class the hotel as luxury.

When guests are paying a premium price for a hotel they will naturally expect quality. However, there are many additions that smaller, price-sensitive hotels can add to increase the feeling of luxury within their accommodation.

To continue to charge premium prices and still be seen as luxurious, hoteliers must know which products and services are meaningful to customers. When a guest’s needs are fulfilled they are often happy to pay above their budget for their required amenities and additions being included within the room rate.

A study conducted by Gallup* found that overall, most guests will strongly agree that they are happy to pay more for improved internet connectivity, comfy beds and responsive staff. Around half of guests strongly agree that they would pay more for improved in-room televisions, bathroom soap and complimentary internet and those customers looking for a luxury hotel would pay more to improve bathroom soap products.

The GOJO programme for hotel rooms now incorporates the PREVEN’S PARIS range; a variety of products that includes attractive small format dispensing systems and luxurious, Ecolabel-accredited hand, hair and body lotions, all of which are designed to enhance the guest experience and leave a lasting positive impression.

The PREVEN’S PARIS dispensing systems offer exceptional reliability, easy maintenance and have an attractive, modern design that looks great in any location. The large inspection window allows you to see when the refill needs replacing and a patented dual membrane in the pump ensures drip-free dispensing. In addition to this, the soft controlled-collapse refills automatically collapse whilst emptying, reducing waste by approximately 40% and are made from 100% recyclable EVA-plastic. Durable and lockable for extra security, the PREVEN’S PARIS dispensing systems are the perfect combination of style and practicality.

* Information from the Gallup survey can be found here.