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Enviroware PLA combination tumblers

Wednesday June 17, 2015

Celebration have recently launched Enviroware® PLA Combination Tumblers, an innovative range of clear tumblers, lids and small  portion pots which facilitate cold foods being packaged in two separate compartments – yet remaining a single packaging unit.

The range was developed in conjunction with Baxterstorey who required a product suitable for various foodservice applications within this product category whilst being quick and easy to assemble.

The 2oz combination portion pot and domed lid will fit all Enviroware® 96mm Diameter PLA Cold Drink Cups which are available in 8.8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 fl oz capacities.  The portion pot simply clips inside the domed lid, which can then be fitted to the chosen cup.  The system consists of only three elements and is ideal for all types of food where the ingredients are required to be kept separate until consumption i.e. granola with cereals, dips with crudités, fresh fruit with yogurt.

As with all Enviroware® brand catering disposables, these products are made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources. The range recently received a silver award at the Pro2Pac 2015 excellence awards.