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Effective wiping with new Microfibre technology

Wednesday June 17, 2015

With hygiene an increasing concern across multiple industries, James Taylor, director of product marketing at Chicopee, explains how new developments in Microfibre technology offer a superior, task-focused clean with 99.99% microbe removal.

Microfibre cloths have been used inthe cleaning industry for decades but today’s cutting edge cloths are far-removed from their original counterparts and although ‘Microfibre’ tends to be used as a generic term, these cloths are not all the same. Some contain as little as 20% Microfibres, which dilutes cleaning effectiveness and lowers customer expectations.

In fact, many people are unaware of exactly what a Microfibre cloth is and that it is actually the individual physical fibres within the cloth that deliver the very effective cleaning result. Splittable Microfibre is an efficient cleaning tool because the fibres are positively charged. Bacteria, dirt and dust are negatively charged so they are attracted to microfibre like a magnet.

So far, so good, but some Microfibre cloths go a stage further again. New manufacturing processes use a high-pressure water system to split individual fibres to be 80% finer than standard Microfibres, increasing the surface area available to pick up dirt and bacteria, trapping it within the cloth until it is rinsed, ready to be used again.

This new type of 100% Microfibre nonwoven cloth has been engineered to provide superior task-focused cleaning across all sectors, meeting the specific challenges of different environments, including the food and service industry, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Every cleaning job has a cloth manufactured to best facilitate that particular task and cut down on cleaning time.

One of the most recent developments is Chicopee’s Microfibre Light cloth which has been designed to meet rigorous hygiene standards. This lightweight cloth has been externally tested to show removal of 99.99% of bacteria from surfaces, transferring 0% to a second surface.

Intended for short-term use, followed by disposal, use of this cloth saves staff time and addresses the results of a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, which found that 93% of reusable woven Microfibre cloths commonly used to clean hospital rooms, tested after laundering, still contained bacteria that could trigger Healthcare Acquired Infections.

Similarly, traditional cotton cloths have been found to transfer up to 32% of microbes collected from one surface to another, which means all the hard work and time spent cleaning is somewhat in vain.

Sharing the special splittable fibre construction on the Microfibre Light is another Chicopee cloth, DuraDry. Designed specifically for the food services sector, DuraDry is the only Microfibre cloth to combine Food Contact Clearance with attributes that actively restrict bacterial growth.

Machine washable, DuraDry will last multiple wash cycles while retaining its cleaning capabilities and hygienic performance, which means it is a very cost effective solution.

The cloth picks up bacteria from all surfaces including glass, stainless steel and laminate, leaving a streak-free finish and capturing germs in the cloth where they are locked until rinsed. DuraDry also absorbs more moisture, faster than other wipes – even when wet.

Wherever cleanliness and hygiene are called for, these advanced Chicopee cloths will ensure that surfaces are not just wiped over but are really cleaned and that dirt and bacteria are well and truly wiped out.