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Cuisines from around the world 2018 – say hola! to tapas

Thursday April 26, 2018

Spanish foods, like paella (saffron rice, vegetables, meat and fish), churros (a fried dough pastry), migas (fried bread, spinach, alfalfa and pork ribs), black rice (rice cooked in squid ink) and empanadas (pasty filled with meat or fish) have been slowly making their way onto UK menus over the past few years.

Supermarket Tesco revealed that in 2017 their customers purchased 30 per cent more Spanish food, such as those listed above, than in 2016. As a direct result of this rise in popularity, Tesco has introduced a new range of Spanish food products, called the Al Fresco range.

In 2018, we predict that Spanish food will continue to ascent onto UK menus, and a key part of its success will be due to tapas. Originating in Spain, tapas comprise of a wide variety of appetisers or snacks served in small portions alongside a drink.

The most popular tapas that you will find at an authentic Spanish restaurant include Spanish omelette (a potato and egg omelette), serrano ham (cured ham), croquetas (croquettes filled with béchamel sauce, ham and cheese), Russian salad (potatoes, tuna, egg, green beans, carrots and mayonnaise) fried calamari and patatas bravas (fried potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce).

The appeal of tapas is easy to understand, in contrast to conventional dining where the customer orders one main course and perhaps a starter, tapas offers customers the opportunity to try numerous dishes, each with its own unique ingredients and flavours.

Tapas is a style of eating as much as it is a form of cooking. It represents sociability and relaxed eating with friends and family. Tapas encourages a fun, interactive experience for diners, which is about people talking and drinking over a variety of tempting, flavourful, small dishes.

Another facet in the success of tapas is the value of sharing. By sharing small dishes customers can enjoy a diverse, well-rounded meal at a reasonable price. For young adults seeking adventurous interactions with food and beverages, but perhaps with less disposable income, this is an attractive idea.

For customers looking to try a selection of Spanish tapas, these restaurants are worth a visit: Brindisa (Borough Market, London), Aqua Nueva (Regent Street, London), Pizarro (Bermondsey Street, London) and the famous Michelin starred restaurant Barrafina (Dean Street, London).

Tapas can also be delivered through the ordering app Deliveroo., Spanish restaurant chain La Tasca has teamed up with Deliveroo to offer customers their favourite Spanish dishes in the comfort of their own home. La Tasca revealed that sales have been increasing ever since joining Deliveroo.

If you are serving hot or cold Spanish tapas for eating on the go, you’ll need some practical packaging options. Luckily, from Bunzl Catering Supplies, there’s an abundance of choice; from plastic plates and bowls to foil containers and paperboard boxes, with and without lids.

An innovative packaging option that is ideal for serving cold Spanish tapas is Coalesce hybrid packaging from our supplier Anson. Coalesce combines a paperboard base with a plastic lid to create an easy one-piece solution that is both leak-proof and offers excellent visibility. Coalesce is available in sizes, small (500ml), medium (750ml) and large (1000ml).

If serving hot tapas, why not try our exclusive brand Sustain compostable card containers. Developed in partnership with London Bio Packaging, the Sustain card containers are lined with plant-based bio-plastic making them 100per cent compostable in commercial composting facilities. Sustain card containers are available in3 sizes; 8oz, 12oz and 16oz.

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