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Messy wooden floor
Clean up with TASKI

Thursday November 12, 2015

With the colder weather drawing in, more customers are finding shelter indoors and walking through with shoes that are soiled from muddy puddles and dirt.

Keeping floors clean is important for front-of-house areas where customers will be walking, but also for the health and safety of employees in the back-of-house areas.

Here are some useful floor cleaning tips:

  • Wipe up spills straight away, stains are much harder to remove
  • Vacuum every day to keep on top of dust
  • Clean filters once a week and wash them once a month
  • Vacuum rugs by starting in the center and working outwards to help prevent frayed edges
  • Keep a good pace when vacuuming, too fast could minimise the level of coverage

TASKI machines from Diversey are an integrated floorcare solution that have been engineered to provide success in the workplace.

Diversey offers a comprehensive range of floorcare machines under the TASKI brand to cover all applications of stripping, polishing, buffing, scrubbing, cleaning, maintaining and shampooing different floor types.

In addition to reducing the overall cost of cleaning, the TASKI ranges ensure efficiency and productivity, safety and sustainability, providing exceptional results.

Part of the TASKI range includes tub vacuums, upright vacuums and wired or wireless scrubber driers.


Tub vacuums – TASKI vento 8S & 15S

The vento tub vacuums provide superior suction performance with best-in-class ergonomics.

TASKI  vento 15S

TASKI vento 15S



Upright vacuums – TASKI ensign SM1 & SM2

The ensign upright vacuums have high level filtration for exceptional air quality. They are constructed to be tough and durable for a long life solution.

TASKI ensign SM1

TASKI ensign SM1

 Electronic scrubber & drier – TASKI swingo 150

The swingo 150 machine provides exceptional deep cleaning in kitchens, washroom and front of house areas. The machine features both standard and hard brushes for all hard floors, especially tiles and safety floors.

TASKI swingo 150

TASKI swingo 150

Battery powered combined scrubber drier – TASKI swingo 350

The swingo 350 is a battery powered scrubber drier machine that features the deep cleaning properties of the swingo 150, but without the cable. The absence of the cable helps to reduce the perceived risk of trips and allows for easy handling of the machine.

TASKI swingo 350

TASKI swingo 350