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The Anson Plaza Square range – bringing a sleek, premium and contemporary feel to salad containers

Thursday June 15, 2017

The food to go market is predicted to be worth over £21 billion by 2020, according to the IDG forecast.  Food packaging for take-out menus has never been so important.

With so many food to go options available – today’s customers are discerning and demand easy to use products that are appealing, functional and environmentally responsible.

Our Supplier, Anson Packaging, has responded to these demands with the launch of a new range of rPET salad containers with clear lids called Plaza Square.

The range is available with both black and clear bases, with clear lids for excellent closure, and comes in sizes: 375cc, 500cc and 750cc. The Anson Plaza Square range is a premium offering, sleek and contemporary, complimenting the visual appeal of a freshly prepared salad.

The popularity of fresh salad, vegetable and fruit take-out dishes continues to grow, as customers continue to opt for healthy eating choices.  We’ve seen a rise in the marketplace for gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian dishes. Last year alone, sales of gluten-free products in the UK reached £184 million, up 15 percent from 2013 and is expected to go up another 5 percent by the end of 2018.

On-trend food in 2017 has included dishes of spiralised vegetables, with vegetables taking centre, as customers are increasingly focused on a healthy lifestyle and cutting down on their carb intake.  On the Amazon website last year (2016) vegetable spiralizers saw an increase in sales of 1400 percent.

Customers are looking for new flavours and ingredients in their salads, and we’ve seen new internationally influenced dishes hit the scene – like poke. Poke, pronounced ‘poh kay’, is a bowl of chopped or cubed raw fish (traditionally ahi tuna) over seaweed seasoned rice, the fish tossed in a soy marinade and topped with a selection of fresh ingredients.

With these fabulous innovations in cold food dishes to go, and the market for food to go still on the rise – a quality salad container that teams on-shelf appeal with convenience, has never been so important. And the Plaza Square range is just that!

Supplier Anson Packaging believes that great design is not just about the tangible format of the packaging; it is creating packaging that intelligently minimises environmental impact. They supply packaging solutions to the food to go industry and the retail sector throughout Europe and they work in a dedicated fashion to optimise design, production and delivery.

As a leading producer in the use of recycled plastic (rPET), Anson Packaging helps raise awareness of the waste challenges faced by the industry. The use of recycled plastic (rPET for their Food to Go range significantly contributes to minimising society’s carbon footprint.

Their skilled in-house design team has developed an extensive range of innovative Food to Go products that focus on convenience, quality and environmental impact. This enables customers to communicate product and brand values through great on-shelf presence.

The Plaza Square range joins their wider range of salad and bread packaging: Twisty Bowl, Iris, Contour, Food Display, Coalesce and Fresco.