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Wednesday November 2, 2016

Clean and simple: a series of blogs from Cleanline expert Rod Hale.

We asked our Cleanline expert ‘How can a hotel create ambience and atmosphere using air care products?’

And here’s what he told us… 

Cleanline Expert – Rod Hale Twitter – @rodhale2

Whatever sort of hotel you run, whatever types of customers you serve, one thing’s for sure – you certainly want them to come back and see you again and again.  Just as people really do judge books by their covers, the very first impressions a guest experiences on arrival at a hotel are crucial.  Yes, the furnishing, décor, lighting and general feel of the place are important factors and a good start, but the hospitality industry recognises that one of the best ways to establish a lasting, positive impact on new and returning guests is via their noses.

Strictly speaking, when you walk into a hotel room you shouldn’t smell anything, good or bad because in a clean, well aired room there won’t be any of the bacteria responsible for causing odours present.  However, some hoteliers actually go to great lengths to imprint their own “signature” smell on your unconscious so that, without even realising it, you experience a fleeting but significant positive memory or emotion.  This doesn’t only happen in the guest rooms, but in common areas of the hotel such as the lobby and lounge as well.  Some of the highest calibre establishments will even sell you their signature fragrance when you check out so that you can “re-live” the experience again in the future.

Different fragrances work in different situations.  For example, an historic country house hotel full of antique wooden furniture may use an air care product reminiscent of wood smoke and lavender wax polish because that’s what you expect to smell.  At the other end, a minimalist boutique hotel is more likely to use a hint of citrus or maybe a fresh linen fragrance and a homely guest house or B&B may prefer a floral scent.

Added to simple and effective daily housekeeping, other ways of creating the desired atmosphere are fresh flowers, scented candles, oil diffusers, incense sticks, and vacuum powders.

In the same way that you recognise a brand name or a logo, large chains of hotels want you to recognise their smell in all of their properties, wherever you are in the world without even thinking about it.

At Cleanline in conjunction with our manufacturing partners, we have produced a simple but effective range of air care products suitable for a broad range of hospitality outlets.  For instant impact and on-the-spot air freshening we have peach blossom and pot pourri options in 400ml aerosols.  Our ready to use trigger spray air freshener is great for more general use and our latest product is Cleanline Super Odour Absorber.

The Cleanline Super Odour Absorber is a super-concentrated product in a two litre container dispensed into reusable trigger spray bottles by using a simple and accurate wall mounted pump.  The pump delivers exactly the right amount of concentrated liquid to the spray bottle where it is diluted with water.  Once the top has been screwed on and the contents mixed by shaking the bottle, the nozzle is turned to the mist setting so that a cloud of minute droplets is produced when the trigger is squeezed.

This product is part of a family of four along with Cleanline Super’s Washroom Cleaner & Sanitiser, Glass & General Purpose Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner.  In order to reduce the number of products, maximise economy and minimise storage space we try hard to make our products multi-functional.  This air care formulation not only provides a subtle fragrance but also encapsulates the molecules that form bad odours; this absorbs them and therefore effectively cancels them out.

All fragrances are a matter of personal taste (nobody has ever been able to produce one that suits everyone) but Cleanline Super Odour Absorber has been trialled in the most demanding conditions we could find – including a four star hotel and spa, an Elizabethan town house hotel a three star business hotel and a state-of-the-art boutique hotel.  The formulation was carefully tweaked according to our testers’ responses before going into mass production.  We researched the best way of using the product and found that, once everything else had been cleaned, an application of the mist-spray in each corner of the guest room was just right to give both the initial impression and a more lasting and pleasant underlying atmosphere.  Taking into account the usual adage of “test a small hidden area first” the product may also be lightly applied to curtains and soft furnishings.  Some housekeepers like to carefully drift a mist onto lampshades so that later in the day the fragrance is reactivated by the heat of the bulb when the bedside lamps are switched on.